Keegan's shock at Tina's death

Michelle Keegan has said it was a shock when she found out her character Tina McIntyre was being killed off in Coronation Street.

Press Association
Last updated: 19 January 2014 - 1.50pm

Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan has admitted that she got a shock when she discovered her character Tina McIntyre was going to be killed off.

The actress had told producers she wanted to leave the ITV soap to try other things, but had thought the door would be left open for her to return in future.

She told OK!: "I was gutted to find out, but I was gutted for Tina more than anything because I always thought she was one of those characters that could come back in the future.

"She's got no family and I thought a relative could come in for her, because she's not had a very good life. Her dad died, she hasn't had much luck with men - and then her life is over!"

Michelle continued: "[The producers] said, 'That's fine, we'll leave the door open,' and then they told me they were killing Tina off, which surprised me a bit. But I am totally fine with it as the writing will be amazing and I work with so many talented people."

She added: "Looking at it now, I'd rather go out with a bang than off in a black cab."

Asked who she would miss the most from the Corrie cast, Michelle said she would be sad to leave Jack P Shepherd behind, who plays Tina's ex-boyfriend David Platt.

She explained: "I was with him from day one and I feel so comfortable around him. We can go for dinner and his dry sense of humour makes me laugh constantly."