EastEnders star Shane Richie has revealed that Alfie Moon will return to Walford, under a dark cloud.

The 49-year-old admitted that the former pub landlord will be haunted by a "dodgy deal", which will throw the Moons into turmoil, as he jets back from Australia.

"He's done a bit of a dodgy deal which will come back to haunt him," the actor told the Daily Mail.

Alfie, who has handed over the Queen Vic to new landlord Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), decided to flee to Australia temporarily after reeling from the news that his ex-wife Kat was expecting twins.

"Like anything with Kat and Alfie, there's going to be drama. It will rock the Moon household," Shane continued.

"His wheeling and dealing won't be the only source of drama as fans look forward to seeing how the couple cope with two babies."

The father-of-five joked that working with children on set is a "pain in the a***", adding: "I'm not sure how I'll cope. I've got babies at home and now I'm surrounded at work."

Shane, who returned to the BBC soap in 2010 with co-star Jessie Wallace (Kat), also joked that Danny needs to improve his bar skills.

"He's a great actor and brings his style to the show. He's great behind the bar but his pint pulling skills are rubbish! He's not perfected that yet but he will - in about 12 years!" he quipped.

Shane's character Alfie will return to screens on the BBC show on February 17.