Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi sends heartwarming video message to grieving autistic boy

Peter Capaldi has helped an autistic boy come to terms with the death of his grandmother by sending him a personal video message – as the Doctor himself.

Last updated: 10 November 2014 - 2.23pm

He has saved the Earth more times than we can count. He’s even saved the entire Universe once or twice. But this weekend the Doctor came to the rescue of one little boy who was heartbroken about the death of his grandmother.

Nine-year-old Thomas Goodall, who has been diagnosed with autism, had sent a letter to the Doctor Who production office as he was coming to terms with his grandmother’s death. His family were bowled over to receive a personal video message in reply, featuring Peter Capaldi in character as the time-travelling hero.

Thomas’s dad Ross posted the clip on video sharing site YouTube together with a heartfelt message of gratitude.

"Made such a huge difference and helped him cope with the hardest of days,” he wrote.

“It was an incredibly kind thing to do that has help Thomas gain perspective and not feel so alone in his grief.

“Where Thomas is autistic, he doesn't feel emotions the same way the rest of us do so this has been incredibly hard for him.

“This message seems to have given him the strength to keep going, with his chin up."

Capaldi’s tenure in the Tardis has received mainly positive reviews so far, but this unique performance may well be his most admirable adventure yet.

(Video credit: YouTube/Ross Goodall)

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