The Grand Tour in China review: Hammond car crashes, bad suits and Chinese saunas

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May visit the Chinese megacity of Chongqing with their own homemade executive limos.

Heading to the 'furnace of China' Chongqing for an episode of The Grand Tour probably seemed like an exciting idea, but for James May, it turned into a sweaty, humid nightmare.

When you're riding around a city that can hit 40 degrees, it would always be advisable to make sure that you're in a vehicle with some decent air-con.

So when the presenters took on a challenge to promote second-hand executive limos from Europe in China, it all went very wrong from the very beginning for James with his non-existent cooling system.

The Grand Tour season 3

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The boys' adventure across the staggering and vast city in an old Mercedes S600, BMW 750iL and Cadillac STS captures the incredible changing face of China – from drive-through door factories to bridges high enough to tower over two London Shards – and packs in some of the silliest and most dangerous games they have ever taken on.

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Here are five reasons to watch 'Chinese Food for Thought':

1. Don't buy a suit using a dodgy translator tool

The Grand Tour - James May in China

The presenters’ lack of Chinese language skills proved problematic on numerous occasions, most notably when attempting to fill-up at a service station.

But it proved particularly unfortunate for James when he attempted to buy a suit using a translator app which took ‘light-weight grey’ and turned him into a Saturday night TV presenter from the 1980s.

2. Richard Hammond survives yet again… just

Richard Hammond in NIO EP9

Hammond not only escapes unscathed an epic crash on the ’24 Curve Road’, he also takes on another ultra-fast electric supercar, a brave choice after the infamous Rimac crash in Switzerland.

Fortunately for Hammond, he manages to keep his NIO EP9 on the track, but that doesn’t make the staggering vehicle any less scary. The speed that it goes from 0 to scary is frightening and the horror in Hammond’s face as he terrorises the track is all too real.

3. "Britain is doomed"

Grand Tour in China

Clarkson utters these words as he admires the incredible spectacle of China’s expanding motorways and ability to build bridges across mountainous landscapes or even a whopping 34 miles in length.

The trio might not be renowned for their forward-thinking views on the world, but even they can’t fail to see how China is going to change the rest of the world with its rapid expansion and super-sized approach to absolutely everything.

4. Drones + fire + fireworks = fun

The Grand Tour

The best sort of challenges on The Grand Tour are the utterly pointless and most explosive ones and this week’s task, involving ‘Chinese millennials’ handling a fire-breathing drone to chase down the presenters cars ranks as one of the most ridiculous in their history.

Add in some firecrackers attached to all their vehicles and the final results were inevitable.

5. Car saunas are not the future

The Grand Tour in China

As part of their executive limo challenge, all three presenters attempted to turn the backseats of their vehicles into something luxurious. Clarkson had a nap and put a butler in the boot. Richard Hammond turned his hand to using a wok with very unappetising results.

James May, in his wisdom, decided upon making the most of his car’s oven-like feature and built a full-sauna on the backseats. There was just one tiny problem. It meant that whoever was driving couldn’t see out of the right-hand side of the car. Which could potentially be dangerous when driving on motorways or navigating down treacherous, pot-holed covered mountains.

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