The Grand Tour season 3, episode 1: First look at Motown Funk

The boys head on a pilgrimage to Detroit and Jeremy Clarkson gets behind the wheel of a McLaren Senna.

Start your engines, The Grand Tour is heading back on the road and its going to be the most eventful, jaw-dropping and thrilling series yet.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May return with more wild adventures, challenges and the most beautiful and cutting edge four-wheeled vehicles on the planet.

The Grand Tour presenters

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First look at episode 1 – Motown Funk

The Grand Tour

The third series kicks off in style as the boys visit Detroit in three dream muscle cars.

Heading off in a Ford Mustang RTR Spec 3, the Dodge Challenge SRT Demon and Hennessey Exorcist Camaro, the presenters are disappointed that the once great motor city is a shadow of its former self.

The Grand Tour season 3

The trio devise a plan to bring Detroit back to life in their own unique noisy fashion and the team are determined to re-energise the city and replace talk of organic kale and spinach with supercharges.

During the trip, the boys stage a drag race, perform a noise test in an old theatre and turn an old abandoned car factory into a race track.

The Grand Tour

Away from Detroit, Clarkson braves it behind the wheel of the 789 horsepower McLaren Senna – a car so fast that it has to be raced around Donnington rather than the show’s traditional Eboladrome tree-lined track.

The Grand Tour

What is in store for the rest of the series?



Episodes 2 and 3 of the series will be the highly anticipated Colombia special.

The Colombia trip has been the source of much fan speculation for a long while - there was even a strong rumour at one point that it would be released as a Christmas special.

But the wait will finally be over on January 25th, when Part 1 of the Colombia special is released on Prime Video.

The Grand Tour season 3

In the special episode, Clarkson, Hammond and May clatter across Colombia in a Jeep Wrangler, a Chevrolet Silverado pick up and a Fiat Panda 4x4 as they attempt to capture some high quality images of interesting animals to be used as Amazon’s new screensavers.

Along the way they encounter epic scenery, extreme peril, very odd hobbies and even some actual animals in an incredible journey.

The Grand Tour season 3 is streaming now - new episodes, every Friday.

Watch seasons 1 + 2 now on Prime Video.

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