Exclusive: 7 questions with... Fear the Walking Dead’s Jenna Elfman

We catch up with the apocalypse survivor to talk John and June, Walking Dead crossovers and how she would like her character to be killed off.

Fear the Walking Dead’s thrilling fourth season has us on the edge of our seat every Monday night.

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BT.com caught up with Jenna Elfman, who plays June in the AMC series, to ask her 7 burning fan questions.

1. Have you been surprised by the fan affection for John and June and their story?

(Fear the Walking Dead's Garret Dillahunt and Jenna Elfman)

I hadn’t given it much thought when we were filming. I was very focused on what I was doing rather than thinking about any fan reaction. That episode where they first meet, ‘Laura’, I was just hyper-focused.

I really enjoy the chemistry that John Dorie and June have. I adore the chemistry that Garrett and I have. We’re very good friends and we have deep appreciation and enjoyment of each other. We stick very well with each other.

I’d never been in a show where it had a fandom as part of the experience and I didn’t know what to expect at all.

Now I see how much people are connecting with it and how much the love story means to people, I really cherish it.

2. Please can you reassure us that there will be some happiness for John and June this season?

Jenna Elfman

I don’t know how to answer that without giving things away that I can’t give away. I’d love to tell you the whole thing, but I don’t think you’d be too happy if I spoilt it all.

But I think there is a journey - the storm forces everyone apart into new unexpected groupings. By doing so it forces each character to explore and face up to the problems they need to face at this time.

There are going to be real redemptive personal journeys for all these characters. So that might be from one character to another like you saw with Alicia and Charlie. Or with the character of June, she is forced to confront how she always acts when things get tough, every single time. That’s what she did with John Dorie, what she tried to do at the stadium – she runs. She comes face to face with that person.

3. Many fans thought you may turn out to be a villain when you joined the show. Do you think you could have pulled that off and would you have enjoyed being evil?

Jenna Elfman

I think I could have pulled it off.  I did like the fact that June went all that way in with the Vultures – it showed and told you how vulnerable she is and what her own personal constitution is right now.

She runs, goes off with these people – it just makes you realise how far she has to go and how much healing she needs. What will it take for her to heel? Being around John Dorie? Being on her own? What is it that will get her to pull her up by the bootstraps that means she can ultimately survive?

So I could have played a villain, but after that whole Laura episode, it really had my attention and you can’t do a love story like that and not revisit it.

4. What was it like having Colman Domingo as your director in the episode 'Weak'?

Jenna Elfman

He wasn’t different as a director, he was equally graceful, thoughtful, and considerate and he knows how we think as actors. He was able to communicate and give us direction that we were really able to do.

He understands how we can use physical actions and what we can actually do as actors to change a scene or deliver emotional beats that will improve an episode. That episode, working with Maggie Grace so closely, that was a really pleasure. I loved that episode very much.

5. When your time comes to leave Fear the Walking Dead, how would you like June to be killed off?

Jenna Elfman

However, I go, I would like it be in John Dorie’s arms and in the presence of Morgan.

6. Would you like a full crossover season between Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead?

Jenna Elfman

I think the crossover idea is fun. I think it definitely interests me because I enjoy a lot of the characters from The Walking Dead. I think the crossover dynamic is a good one. It brings an aesthetic integration to the two shows and it creates an alignment underneath The Walking Dead universe that I find great.

It interests me as a fan and it interests me from a storytelling point of view.

7. The show killed off two major characters in the first half of season 4. How nervous do you get about the next episode potentially being your last?

Jenna Elfman

It’s new, because I’ve never been on a show where that happens. Personally, I signed up knowing that was part of it. Nobody could really claim now that it came as a massive shock to them.

Literally, every script I get I go ‘right, so do I get killed off in this one’. I’m always waiting for that moment. I’m serious, every time, it’s the same dialogue with me and my script. ‘Is this the one where I die… oh no, I made it – that’s cool’. I’m grateful for every episode that I stay on and it’s an honour. But I’m also fully prepared for when it is the end, because that is all part of the story.

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