Fear the Walking Dead star Daniel Sharman reveals shocking fan encounter

One dedicated fan of the show had an eye-watering costume at this year’s Comic Con.

Daniel Sharman discovered the dedication of Fear the Walking Dead fans at Comic Con 2017, when one fan went the extra mile with her outfit.

Sharman’s character Troy Otto was introduced to the show in season 3 and had a brutal first encounter with Madison Clark (Kim Dickens), who attacked him with a spoon to the eyes.

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Fear the Walking Dead

The scene obviously had a big impact on one fan, who celebrated the moment with her outfit at the fan convention.

"This girl had a spoon attached to her eye,” Sharman told BT.com. “It was a very interesting costume.”

However, the Teen Wolf actor didn’t seem put off by the eye-watering costume.

“We spend all our time shooting in a remote location, so you’re really isolated. To go from that to thousands and thousands of people and all of them appreciating the work, it’s overwhelming.

“It’s great to experience to meet the people who really know the show. Those people are the true fans.

Fear the Walking Dead season 3

“You have no idea making show whether people will respond to it, you are really in a bubble. So going from isolation in Mexico to San Diego, you genuinely don’t know whether people are going to hate you because your character is evil – you have no idea how it will go down.”

Speaking about Troy’s transformation across the third season from villain to fan favourite, he added: “I’m glad people didn’t want him to die, I didn’t want him to die either. You begin, like everyone does, to see the best in your character.

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“Nobody believes that they’re evil. You begin arguing, ‘Yes, but he did it for this reason’ and ‘He wanted it for this reason’. That’s the mark of good writing as well.

“I am extremely biased. I feel like I want to go around defending Troy in any of his actions. I want to say, ‘but he does it for a reason!’.”

Fear the Walking Dead season 3

He added: “I didn’t want him to be a two-dimensional character who is easily hated or easily hated other people. It is our obligation to put together someone who is multi-faceted.”

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