Fear the Walking Dead season 3 returns: 5 burning questions

After the explosive double-bill premiere Minotaur and The Diviner, we have five talking points about the AMC drama.

Reunions, exile and new hope. Fear the Walking Dead’s dramatic return laid the groundwork for an all-action climax to the show’s third season.

Madison found Strand, who was inevitably in a sticky spot, and she convinced Walker to gamble their assets on her old friend to save his life.

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We're heading towards another reunion in episode three as Strand takes Madison and Walker to the dam, but when is he going to reveal the news about Daniel Salazar? Rather than a useful ally, Strand could be the sticking point in striking up a deal.

Back at the Ranch, the Ottos have been replaced by the Clarks. Troy has been exiled for his violent outburst, Jake is sick and Nick and Alicia are stepping up to offer a new third way for the group. Can the siblings really bring together the Nation and the Ranch with some help from Ofelia?

Here are the five major talking points after episodes 9 and 10 of Fear the Walking Dead, Minotaur and The Diviner?

1. Where is Troy and when will he return?

Troy Otto and Madison Clark

We have no doubts about Troy’s ability to survive on his own. Brutal and a narcissist, he’s perfectly equipped to look after number one in the wilderness.

However, the electric performance of Daniel Sharman can’t help but make us miss him whenever he’s away from the action.

The demented hallucination version of Troy filled a hole in The Diviner, but we’re desperate to find out where he’s really gone and what his plan will be when he returns to Broke Jaw Ranch. We can’t believe he won’t make another power grab at some point soon.

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2. Strand... Friend or foe for the Nation and Walker?

Victor Strand and Walker

For someone who believes they are a charmer, Victor Strand sure knows how to rub people up the wrong way.

It was great to have Colman Domingo bringing back the old, fiery Strand, who is prepared to play games, take risks and brazenly attempt to take power and control.

Walker is understandably wary of the wildcard and unpredictable businessman, but Madison believes he may be a key asset in their survival. We’ll have to wait and see if Strand is friend or foe for the Nation.

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3. Is Alicia the new true leader of Broke Jaw Ranch?

Alycia Debnam-Carey

Alicia is the character who has grown the most in season 3, standing up to her mother and brother and taking control of the Ranch in The Diviner.

She still believes in a possible peace between the two groups and she’s got the brains and strength of character to inspire a union of sorts. Alicia understands that the two groups need each other to survive and old rivalries are worthless and dangerous in the new world. She’s got a wise head on young shoulders.

4. Will Ofelia unite or divide the Ranch

Mercedes Mason - Ofelia Salazar

Ofelia abandoned the hotel, stealing the Clarks vehicle and leaving Alicia to fight the Dead on her own. She poisoned the militia, nearly killed Nick. And on the other side of the scales, Madison has clobbered and beaten up the young Salazar.

There is an iciness and bitterness between Ofelia and Alicia and only glares where there was once sexual tension with Nick. With Daniel back in the picture and holding all the cards at the dam, it is his daughter who has the power to genuinely bring peace on the Ranch.

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5. Where is Luciana?

Fear the Walking Dead - Danay Garcia

In the first half of season 3, we were waiting for the return of Ofelia. In the second half of the season, the big question is, where is Luciana?

She walked out on Nick and the Ranch, unable to live on the same land as racist Jeremiah Otto. However, actress Danay Garcia doesn’t believe that her romance with Nick is over just yet.

Speaking to BT.com about their future, Danay said: "I don’t think they’re over. How could they be over? That would be a real shame. I remember when I got the script and I looked at the scene and I was like, ‘What! No!’ “Then I calmed down, I thought let’s see how this goes at the table read for the scene and see what comes out. Then I was sitting down and Frank came in and whispered, ‘Are we splitting up?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know?’ And he was like, ‘No, we can’t split up. This is crazy!’

"I think when two people fall in love in hard times, it’s a really strong connection and you have to believe something has to come out of this. It can’t just be, ‘I don’t like it here, goodbye’. This relationship is above more than just an issue, I mean when they first met he was about to die."

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