How did they do it? Inside the making of Fear the Walking Dead

We get a look behind the scenes of this week’s shocking alligator sequence and Victor Strand’s car crash stunt.

Fear the Walking Dead’s latest episode Blackjack featured classic odd couple Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) and John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) stranded together after the hurricane that hit in the mid-season premiere.

The episode included two major stunts; Victor Strand’s thirst for liquor meant he took a dramatic tumble down a clifftop inside a truck. Then the duo just escaped with their lives when they found themselves stranded on the water and circled by a hungry zombie-eating alligator.

Making of Fear the Walking Dead episode Blackjack

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But how did the show create those dramatic scenes? Hit play below to go behind the scenes on the set in Texas.



"We have water, we have ‘gators, we have booze and we have trucks rolling down hills, we have all the elements," joked special effects supervisor Frank Iudica.

Speaking about the tumbling truck scene, visual effects supervisor Christopher Scollard said: "Strand decides that he will chance life and limb to get the bottle of whiskey, in doing so, he gets in a fight with the walker and that sends the truck plummeting down the cliff-face."

Making of Fear the Walking Dead episode Blackjack

Colman Domingo, stunt co-ordinator James Armstrong and 2nd assistant director Chris Cook reveal that the truck rolling was pulled off on two sets, one securely rigged up vehicle with all the landscape and another set up with a cylinder and a special effects team using good old fashioned muscle to shake the vehicle from side-to-side.

Watch the video to see how the team only got one shot at the crucial moment the vehicle crashes down the hill – and also discover how and why they changed the final resting place of the truck.

At the end of the episode, John and Strand face a new threat in a hungry alligator and the impressive visuals took a lot of effort to pull off.

“The alligator is a combination of props, special effects and visual effects,” said Christopher Scollard.

Making of Fear the Walking Dead episode Blackjack

"Props made a really beautiful alligator specimen and we’re going to try build that into a version that can be animated."

Prop master Colin Thurston added: "Overall, it’s probably 50 man hours for what could be 1 to 2 seconds of screen time.

"But it’s going to be 1-2 seconds of amazing screen time."

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