The Son on AMC: Meet the cast and characters

Meet the cast and characters of the Philipp Meyer adaptation, which premieres exclusively to BT customers.

The Son is a new 10-part epic family saga, spanning 150 years of and multiple generations of a Texas family.

Based on Philip Meyer's New York Times best selller andf Pulitzer Prize-nominated novel, the drama follows the growth of Eli McCullough from innocent child to power-hungry, brutal and oil-thirsty father and grandfather.

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Here is a guide to the cast and characters of the show.

Eli McCullough - Pierce Brosnan

Eli McCullough

Eli McCullough has grown up with the state of Texas itself, surviving the great struggles of Texas’s history. Through these travails, he lost two families, grew a large cattle ranch and is now desperate to ensure his legacy by transitioning the family business into oil. Eli believes that the essence of human nature is brutality, desire, envy and greed; and that, eventually, all men will revert to their natural condition of war. Eli lives by this creed, running his business, raising his children and mentoring his grandchildren to prepare for a brutal and unjust world. His unflinching and fearless presentation masks a deep love for his family and an unshakeable fear that they may not be equipped for what lies ahead.

Eli is played by Pierce Brosnan, the legendary Irish-American actor, film producer, environmentalist, philanthropist, artist and two-time Golden Globe Award nominee known for his rich and extensive career in front of the camera and behind-the-scenes as a producer.

Brosnan is best know for playing James Bond for four 007 movies and the US TV series Remington Steele.

Young Eli McCullough - Jacob Lofland

Young Eli McCullough - Jacob Lofland

Eli McCullough was born with innate tenacity, inner strength and the will to survive. At a very young age, he was providing for his mother and siblings as they lived in the wilderness of the Texas prairie. He is the only survivor of the Comanche attack on his family's cabin. Over time, Eli doesn't just survive, he thrives — coming to see the Comanches as his family and his home. His time among the Comanches is the first piece of his origin story that will ultimately grow into his legend.

Critically acclaimed actor Jacob Lofland is quickly amassing an impressive list of intelligent, diverse roles, earning a reputation as a promising young star to watch.

Recently seen in the eight-hour History channel miniseries Texas Rising, detailing the Texas Revolution and the birth of the legendary Texas Rangers, he previously appeared in a major recurring role on the fifth season of FX’s Justified.

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Jeannie McCullough - Sydney Lucas

Jeannie McCullough - Sydney Lucas

Although Eli may be the star of this series, Jeannie McCullough is the lead. Over many seasons, the show will dramatize her evolution from an eleven-year old tomboy, mentored by her beloved grandfather, to the ruthless CEO of an oil empire. Observant, intuitive and wise beyond her years, nothing gets by Jeannie. She is painfully aware of her father’s (Pete) descent into depression, the schism in her parents' marriage and the perilous and bloody things Eli may have to do to protect the family. She proudly accepts her status as Eli's favorite, cherishes their bond and intends to live up to the future he envisions for her.

Tony-nominated Sydney Lucas has starred in Law & Order: SVU, Royal Pains, FX pilot How & Why, Late Show with David Letterman, Sesame Street and a Saturday Night Live digital short entitled The Stand Off (opposite Jeremy Renner).

Her film credits include: She’s Funny That Way, festival favorite film short Fool’s Day, which was directed by Cody Blue Snider, as well as the young version of Kristen Wiig's character in both Girl Most Likely and The Skeleton Twins. Shortly after her stage run, she completed filming the indie Dude directed by Olivia Milch.

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Phineas McCullough - David Wilson Barnes

Phineas McCullough - David Wilson Barnes

Phineas is Eli's oldest son, who is a lawyer and the manager of the McCullough fortune. Never having had a taste for ranch life, Phineas moved to Austin for college and never went back. Even though he doesn't live on the ranch, he is the glue that holds the McCulloughs together. He is Eli's confidant, Sally's best friend, a warm presence for his niece and nephews; and can commiserate with Pete about how to manage their enigmatic father. But Phineas’s charming exterior masks a perilous interior pain. He hides his homosexuality from everyone except a few trusted members of his family. In Texas, in 1915, being gay was a capital crime.

David Wilson Barnes recently wrapped shooting for the feature Miss Sloane (directed by John Madden) alongside Jessica Chastain.  His film credits include Dreamworks/Disney's Bridge of Spies (directed by Steven Spielberg, director), Fox New Regency's True Story, and Universal's The Bourne Legacy.  A familiar face with AMC, Barnes has recurred on both Hell on Wheels and Halt & Catch Fire. Additional recent television credits include guest starring on The Knick and Elementary.  His theater credits include The Lieutenant of Inishmore on Broadway and Becky Shaw in New York and London, which earned him an Evening Standard Theatre Award nomination for outstanding newcomer.

Sally McCullough - Jess Weixler

Sally McCullough

Sally gave up a life of comfort in Dallas when she fell in love with Pete McCullough. She imagined that their isolated life on the dusty, South Texas ranch would be temporary. Although she has come to accept that this is her home, she still fantasizes about the other lives she could be living in other places. Resolute, resourceful and strong, Sally is someone you want with you in a crisis. But as the violence in the region escalates and closes in around her, Sally becomes determined to do whatever it takes to protect her family.

Jess Weixler is rapidly emerging as one of Hollywood’s most engaging and sought after talents, who was most recently seen in Sister Cities on Lifetime opposite Troian Bellisario and Michelle Trachtenberg.

In Spring of 2016, Jess played opposite Jesse Williams and Kellan Lutz in Money and also starred alongside James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain and Viola Davis in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her & Him. Other film credits include The Face of Love with Robin Williams, Free Samples, Lumpy, Somebody Up There Likes Me, and was also featured in Alexander the Last, Peter and Vandy, and The Big Bad Swim.

Pete McCullough - Henry Garrett

Pete McCullough - Henry Garrett

Pete is Eli's youngest son. He runs the McCullough Ranch in South Texas, where he and his wife, Sally, raise their three children. Unlike Eli, Pete believes in the social contract — that people have the choice and capacity to treat each other with basic goodness. Pete loves his father, but sees Eli's dark view of humanity as antiquated and unnecessarily cynical. As regional violence lands on their doorstep, Pete is forced to defend his home, his family and his views about human nature. These experiences will push Pete into emotional and psychological depths, ultimately forcing him to make painful choices about his place in his own family.

Henry appeared in Kathryn Bigelow's Oscar-winning Zero Dark Thirty; BAFTA-winning and Golden Globe®-nominated Pride; Testament of Youth opposite Alicia Vikander; A Little Chaos, directed by and starring Alan Rickman, with Kate Winslet, Matthais Schoenaerts and Stanley Tucci; London Fields starring Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, Theo James and Billy Bob Thornton; and Criminal with Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones. Henry has recurred on BAFTA-winning series Poldark and Peaky Blinders. Henry was born in Bristol, England.

Prairie Flower - Elizabeth Frances

Prairie Flower - Elizabeth Frances

Prairie Flower is a young Comanche woman who is enjoying her last few years of sexual freedom before she is compelled to marry. Prairie Flower possesses none of the fragility or gentleness that her name suggests. She is foul-mouthed, physically strong, opinionated and fiercely self-possessed. She quickly identifies Eli as her best option for a potential husband and seduces him. Over time, the young couple will fall in love. Even into Eli's older years, he will remember Prairie Flower as the great love of his life.

After being selected for ABC Networks’ talent showcase, Frances starred as Angela Maryboy in Drunktown’s Finest, which was produced by Robert Redford and premiered at Sundance Film Festival. Since then, she has also appeared in the Emmy®-nominated series Her Story, in NBC’s Heartbeat, and as Lilly on the upcoming season of Netflix’s Love from producer Judd Apatow.

Maria García - Paola Nuñez 

Maria Garcia - Paola Nunez

Maria is Pedro's oldest daughter, who was supposed to marry well and carry on the family's noble legacy. But Maria had other plans for herself. She fled to New York City in her early twenties to study art, and immerse herself in the bohemian culture of lower Manhattan. When she returns to South Texas, she reconnects with her childhood acquaintance, Pete McCullough; and together they become complicit in some of the region's escalating violence. These shared experiences will bring Pete and Maria closer together over the course of the series.

In 2003, Nunez made her television debut in the successful and critically acclaimed TV show Amor En Custodia, which still holds the record for longest running TV series in Mexico with 280 episodes. Nunez is also well known for her starring roles in films like Los Inadaptados, Dariela Los Martes and the critically acclaimed Mexican Gangster which won the Ariel for best movie in 2015. On stage, she has starred in productions of The Graduate and Women Wearing the Same Dress, among others.

Pedro García - Carlos Bardem

Pedro Garcia - Carlos Bardem

Pedro García is the patriarch of the last great Spanish family in South Texas. Proud of his European heritage, he can trace his family's connection to this land back centuries. He has survived by being a careful diplomat, nervous to choose sides between the neighboring white ranchers and Mexican seditionists. His ranch is perilously positioned between the McCulloughs' land and the Mexican border, and so his days of remaining neutral are numbered.

Carlos Bardem is an award-winning Spanish actor that will be next seen in New Regency’s Assassin’s Creed, opposite Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard. Bardem is best known for his appearances in the Spanish and Latin American films Cell 211, Days of Grace, The Zone, Scorpion in Love (which he also co-wrote), Che by Steven Soderbergh, and more recently Escobar: Paradise Lost opposite Benicio Del Toro and Josh Hutcherson. He has received multiple Goya Award nominations as an actor and screenwriter, as well as Ariel Award nominations. Bardem was most recently seen on Television in Netflix’s first Spanish language original series Club de Cuervos.

Niles Gilbert - James Parks

Niles Gilbert - James Parks

Niles Gilbert is a down-on-his-luck bar owner in town, who is also a passionate member of the Law & Order League. The League will eventually become the Ku Klux Klan, but at this moment in history, they are devoted to protecting Texan Anglos from real and perceived Mexican threats. Niles is unapologetic in his racism, and often takes the law into his own hands to further these views. He comes to Eli's aid when their interests align. But Pete views Niles as a dangerous racist, whose views should never be condoned.

James Parks is an American actor who has worked with distinguished independent film directors Quentin Tarantino, John Sayles, Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Smith and David Lynch. His career of over twenty years and his love for acting was inspired by his father, veteran actor Michael Parks, and began with classical training and work in Shakespearean theater. He has since worked consistently in film, television and theater, appearing most notably in The Hateful Eight, Kill Bill: Vol 1, Amigo, The Listening, and in episodes of Deadwood, True Blood, and a number of other popular TV series. James is also a writer for film and movie events for television.

Toshaway - Zahn McClarnon

Toshaway - Zahn McClarnon

Toshaway is a Comanche war chief and the leader of the band who captures Young Eli. This is a perilous time for Toshaway, as a dwindling buffalo population and the encroachment of white settlers threatens his people. He must contend with a younger brave challenging his authority, as well as his tribe's impending demise. He sees Eli's potential to be a great warrior; and helps him become fully assimilated as a Comanche. Through this process, Toshaway comes to view Eli as a son.

Award winning film and television actor Zahn McClarnon earned First Americans in the Arts (FAITA) and Western Heritage awards for his performance in the Steven Spielberg-produced TV miniseries Into the West.  McClarnon appeared as “Ohanzee Dent” in the second installment of the critically-acclaimed and award-winning FX limited series Fargo and also returned as “Officer Mathias” for another season of the Netflix series Longmire.

Additionally, he has appeared in other television series including FOX’s Saving Grace, FX’s The Shield, CBS’ Medium and on Sarah Michelle Gellar’s CW series, Ringer.  His feature film credits include Skins (2002), Searchers 2.0 (2007), Not Forgotten (2009) and Bloodlines (2011).  McClarnon can also be seen in Yellow Rock. In 2014, at the Red Nation Film Festival, he won Outstanding Actor in a Supporting role for his performance in Strike One.

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