The Terror: 5 chilling moments from episode 5

Catch up on the critically acclaimed AMC series starring Jared Harris, Tobias Menzies and Ian Hart as tensions on board pit crew members against one another.

In episode 5, Tuunbaq Tango, tensions aboard rise, we finally see The Terror in all its glory, Doctor Goodsir finds food for thought and we discover a disturbing truth about Captain Crozier…

Captain Crozier: The Alcoholic

captain crozier the terror amc

Captain Crozier may have seemed like a decent replacement for the old-school Captain Franklin, but this episode reveals that Crozier has a serious problem – with his drink. He’s down to his last two bottles of whisky and staggering around the ship failing to bring order to an already unravelling crew.

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When James Fitzjames confronts him, he’s met with Crozier’s unsteady fist. But his outburst seemingly prompts Crozier to face his demons and begin an alcohol detox – which he claims could take several weeks. He appoints Fitzjames as the interim Captain. Naturally we hope he’ll do a better job than Crozier and his late predecessor, but given the real-life destiny of each and every one of the men aboard this doesn’t seem very likely…

We finally get a good look at The Terror

the terror

Up to now we’ve only caught fleeting glimpses of The Terror – or ‘Tuunbaq’ as Lady Silence reveals is his true identity – and in many cases only heard its monstrous noises. But in episode 5 see the creature up close and personal but also vulnerable as he chases poor Blanky up the ship’s mainmast. He’s a massive beast who looks like a polar bear but sounds somewhat like a demented cow. When the men below are able to shoot Tuunbaq, he retreats back onto the ice, demonstrating for the first time that he’s not entirely fearless.

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Goodbye, Lady Silence?

the terror amc lady silence

Doctor Goodsir’s friendship (perhaps even a blossoming romance?) with Lady Silence continues as they teach one another words. But Crozier is frustrated with her lack of help in stopping the bloodthirsty Terror and demands that she tells him all that she knows. She defiantly tells him that he has a sick death wish, and that there’s nothing they can do to stop the monster.

Later on, during the chaos of chasing the beast off the ship, Lady Silence escapes – somewhat surprisingly Crozier appears to let her go. Maybe her home truths played a part in his decision to sober up, or perhaps he thinks Tuunbaq goes where she does, and they’ll all be a lot safer with both of them as far away from their stranded vessels as possible.

Hickey continues to scheme

cornelius hickey the terror

Cheeky Cornelius Hickey continues to scheme and swindle. He first attempts to manipulate Doctor Goodsir by complimenting him on his kindness with the hope of gaining new information on Lady Silence. Our Doctor, however, is much smarter than his sweet demeanour suggests, and is quick to put Hickey firmly back in his place.

But he is able to hoodwink a steward to get the truth about Lady Silence by bribing him with a dead man’s gold ring as he still firmly believes it is she who is doing the monster’s morbid bidding.

Doctor Goodsir investigates

doctor goodsir

As we’ve already said Doctor Goodsir is far more perceptive and smart than he seems. While he may be one of the most junior doctors on board, he’s the only one taking notice of the disturbing black gum disease that’s sweeping across the crew.

When another doctor is unsure what this ailment could be caused by, Goodsir begins his own investigation, and while opening canned foods discovers the potential culprit – contaminated food and probable lead poisoning.

He then enlists perhaps the only endearing creature aboard to help him – the late Captain Franklin’s tiny pet capuchin monkey - by feeding him the dire tinned goods, presumedly to see if the little fellow suffers the same unpleasant symptoms. #PrayforFranklinsmonkey.

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