The Terror – 5 reasons you will love the chilly thriller

Blending horror and history, AMC’s critically acclaimed drama series is an icy delight.

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AMC’s The Terror, the haunting historical epic from executive producer Ridley Scott, is one of the must-watch TV shows of 2018.

Based on the classic Dan Simmons novel, the series follows the doomed 1845 expedition of Sir John Franklin and Captain Crozier to the Northwest Passage.

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The series starts as a historical drama with icy chills, but as the adventure turns sour, there is a supernatural twist as the men suddenly find themselves being stalked on the ice, cursed with misfortune and turning on each other as they get stuck in a freezing abyss.

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Here are five reasons you will love The Terror.

1. It’s like nothing else on TV

The Terror

"It wasn't a remake, or reboot, or sequel/prequel, it was a completely fresh story which was delightful," said Jared Harris, when asked why he was attracted to working on The Terror.

"There's a lot of elements of genres that it's dealing with: it's an adventure story, it's a survival story, it has a historical basis, and there's a supernatural, horror genre element to the story."

Motherland star Paul Ready, who plays ship surgeon Dr Henry Goodsir, added: “On the outset it’s a historical drama, but as it goes it crosses many genres. I’ve watched the whole series and where it starts and where it finishes is a different world. It’s very filmic and the series format really gives the show time to know the characters.”

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2. The incredible ensemble cast

The Terror

Jared Harris (The Crown, Mad Men) and Tobias Menzies (Outlander, The Night Manager) and sure signs for any TV show that it’s going to be something special.

The duo are perfectly cast as Menzies plays the cocky and puffed-up Captain Fitzjames, while Harris arguably gives his finest performance yet as the lovesick and troubled Captain Crozier.

Ciaran Hinds steals scenes as the blustering and blundering Sir James Franklin, while Ian Hart brings a wealth of experience as Ice Master Thomas Blanky.

However, it is two relative newcomers in Adam Nagaitis and Paul Ready who will be propelled to bigger things after The Terror.

The Terror

Nagaitis plays the deceptive and mysterious Cornelius Hickey, who has his eye on rising up the ship’s ranks through any means possible. Ready is show’s most endearing character, doctor Henry Goodsir, who brings some warmth and curiosity to a ship filled with chilly and arrogant leaders.

3. The cinematography and soundtrack

The Terror

With Ridley Scott as executive producer, it should come as no surprise that The Terror looks and feels like a big budget film.

Everything from the stunning production design – the ships were recreated and built to spec in Budapest- to the smallest details in the costume design are on point.

The haunting and alien soundtrack from composer Marcus Fjellström is also perfectly matched to the terrifying events on screen.

4. Chilling monsters

The Terror

Like any good horror, the monster in the darkness is only part of the story. Although the men on the ship are being stalked by a mysterious and supernatural creature, the identity of the monster (Beast or bear?) doesn’t need to be revealed to give viewers the chills.

The true horrors and terror are from the icy wilderness and the actions of the men, locked down together in a freezing cold

5. You’ll have no idea where this adventure is heading

The Terror

The early episodes of the series play out like a classic adventure story with a few frights and chilling twists. However, as the show reaches the halfway point, viewers will find their expectations about the show turned on their head.

As the pressure on the men grows, the supernatural element begins to takeover and the ship’s heroes have to battle delirium, starvation and their own inner demons. Wherever you think The Terror may be heading, you’ll be surprised as this show ends up navigating a very different course.

“It is brilliantly written by David Kajganich and Soo Hugh and it will really surprise people,” said Tobias Menzies.

“It doesn’t fall into clichés of genres and people are going to be very surprised by where the show ends up.”

How to watch the full series of The Terror

The 10-episode series continues every Tuesday at 9pm on AMC.

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