Tangled: The Series – 5 reasons your kids will love this Disney special

Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi are back with another Rapunzel adventure.

Disney Channel’s Tangled: Before Ever After was a must-watch short movie for families over the summer holidays

Packed with adventure, fantastic songs and all your favourite characters from the original movie, this colourful and inspiring short movie was perfect for kids of all ages as an introduction to the world of Rapunzel and Flynn.

The fun doesn't end this summer though as Tangled: The TV Series starts in September on the Disney Channel, airing weeknights.

Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi have revealed what it was like to bring their classic Disney characters back on the small screen.


The movie and TV show's songwriters have also revealed the secrets behind the smash hit soundtrack.


Here are five reasons to tune in to Tangled: The TV Series.

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1. Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi are back

Tangled Before Ever After

It wouldn’t be Tangled without these two and the show’s creators were determined that the original voice cast from the movie would return for the TV spinoff rather than hiring imitators.

“It was very important for me to get the original cast back,” said showrunner Chris Sonnenburg.

“So much of who Rapunzel and Flynn are is Zac [Levi] and Mandy [Moore], so it was very important for me to win them over with the mythology and how we were going to treat the characters.

“That’s why we planned on the entire mythology of the series, before going to them, so that they could be secure in what we were doing with the characters in the series”

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2. It has an inspiring message for kids

Tangled: Before Ever After

‘Plus Est En Vouz’ is the motto at the heart of the Tangled and its meaning, ‘There is more in you’  is a beautiful sentiment that the creators hope every young viewer can learn from.

“The meaning behind that is that we all have more in us that we can push through it. When you feel like you’re at the end of your ropes, if you can’t give any more, push through and there’s always more inside of you,” said Tangled creator Chris Sonnenburg.

“There’s more in you than everybody else knows. The phrase means there’s more in everybody.  There’s more inside of Eugene.  There’s more inside of Pascal.  There’s more inside of Corona than everybody just sees on the surface.

“It’s very much a part of the large story for the show and for who Rapunzel is herself.”

3. A classic Disney soundtrack

“The music is awesome and there’s more music to come and it is epic and big and special and people are definitely going to want it,” said Chris Sonnenburg.


4. Stunning animation

Tangled Before Ever After

Parents will love the old school 2-D animation style which is a detour from the 2010 movie.

Speaking about the choice of animation style, Sonnenburg told Collider that it was a very deliberate decision.

“The style of the show became, how would Rapunzel tell her story? We have this amazing art style that was created in the movie, by an artist named Claire Keane, in the murals in her tower, and I started thinking that, if Rapunzel were to tell her own story, she would paint it because she’s so creative and thinks like an artist,” he said.

“I really wanted viewers to be able to feel like an artist was involved in creating this series, so there are a lot of times that you can see brush strokes or a pencil line, or different aspects of a hand creating the show. I think Rapunzel would want that, and I think that very much dictates our storytelling and our art style.”

5. There is lots more Tangled to come


A second series has already been confirmed in the US, so this is only the beginning of a new adventure..

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Tangled: The Series starts on Monday, September 11th at 4pm on Disney Channel.

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