Jackass meets Total Wipeout meets Come Dine With Me – Is Flinch the craziest TV gameshow ever?

BT TV speak with presenters Desiree Burch, Lloyd Griffith and Seann Walsh about their hair-raising new series.

Flinch is no ordinary TV gameshow. It’s been described as Tom and Jerry meets the YouTube generation. Or Total Wipeout meets Jackass. But none of these descriptions quite do the show justice.

New on Netflix in May, the series is presented by comics Desiree Burch, Lloyd Griffith and Seann Walsh and is from the team who produced Who Wants To Be a Millionaire and Blind Date.

The rules of Flinch are simple. Survive a fiendish challenge without squirming or shying away and you will avoid a terrible punishment. Fail to resist and you will face yet more humiliation.

And the presenters don’t escape the torment either. Each comic gets given one contestant to represent them and whoever gets partnered with the loser, must also face the painful, terrifying and messy consequences.

From being pecked by emus in a shopping trolley, to having rats weeing on your neck while your fingers are stuck mousetraps or having flame-thrower inches away from your forehead, Flinch is a TV show quite unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Here are three reasons you can’t miss Flinch:

Crazy stunts and unreal challenges

Flinch on Netflix

"The scariest challenge for me was being pecked at by emus whilst I sat in a trolley and got zapped by this prod thing by Desiree and Lloyd. It was then when I thought I might have made a mistake doing this show," jokes Seann.

You’ve never seen challenges quite like the ones on Flinch before as contestants find themselves under fire from flame-throwers and paintballs, holding their noses from the smell of rotten fish and being covered in rodents.

"A rat p*ssed on my neck," reveals Lloyd. "I had Nutella on my nose and cheese by my chin and all my fingers were in mouse traps. All my fingers are all over the shop anyway because I play goalkeeper in football. That was the worst thing for me."

Remembering his most embarrassing moment, he adds: “Being strapped to a plank of wood whilst being sprayed with water until the point where you didn’t know what was water and what was wee! It was all pretty hell-raising.

"The games are so good and no games were similar. So nobody could prepare and go to their happy place. They kept the contestants on their toes literally and metaphorically throughout the series. You are going to flinch at fireworks going off."

Desiree laughs: "The easiest thing to do is just to give in and take the punishment."

It's perfect for everyone aged from 7 to 70

Flinch on Netflix

"Slapstick has always been king in Britain. Someone flinching and someone falling over has that same universal Saturday night feel about it. There’s no swearing it. It was just fun and I think that translates."

"What was your Saturday night TV like over here?" asks Desiree.

"Oh mate. Saturday night TV was crazy. And also Saturday morning TV. Everyone used to get gunged all day on a Saturday," explains the Soccer AM presenter.

"You'd get gunged by Andi Peters on a Saturday morning and Noels Edmonds in an evening. We had a show called Noel Edmonds’ House Party and you look at it now and wonder, 'how did that get commissioned?' It’s a man who lives in a house and gunges people. Does he live with anyone? Yes, a man called Mr Blobby."

Desiree jokes: "Families can come together and watch people get tortured. Come watch it kids" Bring your parents and grandparents – it’s a family day."

The presenters really want a celebrity edition

Flinch on Netflix - Meet the presenters

"Gemma Collins – her whole life is a bit like Flinch – just falling through holes in floors,” laughs Lloyd, when asked for a list of celebrities he would like to see on the show.

"Any of the prim and proper reality stars would be great. Let’s just rotate you through a skip full of s**t and see how you like that."

Desiree suggests: "I'd love to see someone older doing it, so Richard Osman. I would love to see Brendan Burns do it, because he would cuss so much. Or Jimmy Carr."

Lloyd adds: "I'd quite to see some of our friends on this. I would like to see Rob Beckett on this. He’s very happy-go-lucky and would have a bit of bravado, so I would love to see a different side to him."

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Flinch is streaming on Netflix from Friday, May 3rd.

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