Harlan Coben’s The Stranger: When is it released on Netflix? Who is in the cast? All you need to know

Prepare for a new nail-biting adaptation from the master of suspense as Richard Armitage plays a man whose life changes forever when a stranger shares a devastating secret.

Netflix has signed up another thrilling adaptation from author Harlan Coben that will be edge-of-your-seat viewing.

The Stranger is based on the novel of the same name and Coben will executive produce the series as part of a talented team that includes Danny Brocklehurst as lead writer.

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Here’s all you need to know about when it begins, what happens, and who’s in the cast.

When is The Stranger on Netflix?

It was just announced in January that the eight-part series has been ordered for Netflix, so production is still in the very early stages.

What is it about?

Based on Harlan Coben’s novel, The Stranger centres on Adam Price, an ordinary man who finds himself in an extraordinary situation when a stranger sits next to him one night in a bar.

Adam is very happily married to Corinne, mother of his two sons, but when the stranger tells him a devastating secret about his wife, everything changes.

He soon finds himself entangled in a situation even darker than Corinne’s deception and if he doesn’t make exactly the right moves, his wrong turns could ruin lives and end his family.

It’s the sort of twist-and-turn-filled thriller that Coben has become known for, and which has won him scores of fans for both his novels and his Netflix adaptations.

The author said: “The Stranger was one of my most challenging novels — and definitely the most twisted.  When I wrote it, I never imagined that I’d be part of a dream team of extraordinary talent bringing it to life.”

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Who stars in it?

So far, the only cast member announced is the man who will play the lead role of Adam Price.

Richard Armitage is the actor who has landed the top job in the series, but we’re still waiting to see who will play his wife, Corinne – and who will play the stranger.

He is best known for playing Thorin in The Hobbit film series and has also starred in TV series Robin Hood, Spooks, Strike Back, Hannibal, and Berlin Station.

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Which other Harlan Coben novels have been on TV?

Harlan Coben and Danny Brocklehurst have already worked together on two other adaptations of the author’s work for screen.

In 2018, Dexter star Michael C Hall took the lead role in the adaptation of Safe, a thriller about a widowed surgeon who must try to track down his missing teenage daughter, but discovers some dark truths about his friends and neighbours.

The Five was also made into a TV series by the pair in 2016, starring Lee Ingleby and Sarah Solemani in a story about a group of friends who were thrown into a mystery when one of their brothers’ DNA was found at a murder scene 20 years after his disappearance.

Harlan Coben’s The Stranger will stream on Netflix at a later date.

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