From dating tips to work/life balance, you won't believe the lessons you can learn from the stars of Our Planet

Meet the incredible animals in Netflix’s epic new nature series by watching Our Planet on Netflix through BT TV.

Last updated: 23 April 2019 - 4.06pm

With breathtaking footage from every corner of the globe, and the voiceover from David Attenborough himself, Netflix's epic new series Our Planet is already one of the most talked-about TV events of 2019.

The best bit? You can watch every episode on Netflix through BT TV. The full series, plus fascinating behind-the-scenes footage, is available now.

As with all David Attenborough documentaries, the incredible stories come from the animals themselves. We've rounded up a few of our favourite Our Planet stars to share their life lessons with you.

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How to do work/life balance like the sea otter

Life a bit hectic? Kick back and embrace a slower pace. Indulge in a luxury seaweed treatment…

How to impress guests like the parotia

Visitors coming over? Be the host with the most with a little help from nature’s Marie Kondo.


How to be independent like the Philippine Eagle

Leaving the nest isn’t easy but there comes a time when you have to fly solo. Or not…

How to get a date like the manakin bird

With some tips from Mr Romance, you’ll be loved up in no time.

How to get fit like the African Hunting Dog

Into fitness? We bet training like these guys is a lot more fun. Bye bye bicep curls.



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