Sinclair C5 hits the road! The velomobile that will change everything

Driving to work will never be the same again after the launch of the C5.

The C5, Clive Sinclair's battery-powered tricycle, is now on the road.

It has been hailed by its creator as the future of personal transport and it’s been priced at the £399 for those who want to get a futuristic ride.

Expected to revolutionise the electric vehicle market, Sir Clive Sinclair is the man behind the hugely popular British computer, the ZX Spectrum,

The stylish C5 is driven in the sitting position, with legs outstretched, and controlled by a handlebar located between the knees.

Designed for short journeys around town, its electric motor can manage a top speed of 15mph. It will appeal to both cyclists and motorists and is expected to sell millions across the world.

Described in early reviews as "stable, comfortable and easy to handle" and "very easy to master", the 2ft 6ins high vehicle will be flying down high streets across the nation very soon.

The summer of 1985 will probably always be remembered as the year that the C5 took over the UK, giving inventor Sir Clive Sinclair his greatest ever hit.

Photo Credits: Rex Features/Shutterstock

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