The Umbrella Academy series 2: When is it back? What will happen? All you need to know

Sci-fi treats are in store at Netflix with a renewal of the hit comic-book-inspired show.

It’s been one of the biggest recent hits on Netflix, and now The Umbrella Academy is set to make a triumphant return for a second season.

Here’s all we know so far about what will happen and who will star in series two.

When is The Umbrella Academy series 2 on TV?

You may not have watched all of series one of The Umbrella Academy as it’s not long since the show, inspired by a comic book, launched on Netflix.

So many viewers loved the series that Netflix has already announced a second season, although a streaming date is some way off yet as filming only begins in Toronto this summer.

What happened in series 1?

In 1989, a freak phenomenon hit when 43 babies were born to women who showed absolutely no signs of pregnancy up to a day before their arrival.

The strangeness of the births proved just too much for some of the new mothers, and seven of the babies were taken in by a billionaire, who created The Umbrella Academy.

His aim was to prepare his adopted children to save the world, but as they grew up they became estranged from each other.

When the six surviving siblings got news of their father’s death, they were reunited to try to solve a mystery surrounding the circumstances of his passing.

But putting six very different personalities back into the same room was never going to go smoothly, especially when each of them has such different supernatural abilities… and there’s the threat of a global apocalypse hanging over them.

Spoiler – the series ended on a huge cliffhanger when one of the siblings, Vanya, tried to destroy the world with her talent for creating apocalyptic power.

Her brothers and sisters tried to stop her, but she destroyed the moon, which in turn began raining debris down onto the Earth which threatens to wipe it out.

What will happen in series 2?

Obviously, season two needs to pick up from that imminent apocalypse, and we can assume that the world-saving siblings have at least some success if there’s enough action to last another 10 episodes.

Number Five managed to use his skills for good by transporting his siblings back in time to their teenage years in the hope of stopping the apocalyptic row from ever coming about.

In the comic book series by Gerard Way, the siblings get stuck in the past and are forced to try to assassinate John F Kennedy (who had never been assassinated in their world) to try to change the course of history and ultimately stop more death and destruction.

However, the show’s creators have said that they won’t necessarily follow the comics to the letter, although they do often call on Way for his opinion.

This first look at the second season may give some clues as to what happens next.


Hello. Season 2. Goodbye.

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Who will star in series 2?

Ellen Page (Juno, Inception) is signed up to return as evil sister Vanya, although whether she has a more peace-loving role this time remains to be seen.

Also returning are Tom Hopper (Merlin) as Luther, David Castañeda (Switched at Birth) as Diego, Emmy Raver-Lampman as Allison, Robert Sheehan (Fortitude) as Klaus, Aidan Gallagher (Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn) as Number Five, and Justin Min as Ben.

More casting announcements for the new season are expected at a later date, and we assume will include teenage versions of the six main characters.

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