What is the Stranger Things theme song? Who wrote it?

Brush up on your knowledge of the Netflix show’s music.

As all Stranger Things fans know, the series is a love letter to the 80s films and shows that inspired it – and the musical score is no exception.

With plenty of synths and an unmistakably 80s sound, the theme tune has become instantly recognisable.

What is the theme tune for Stranger Things?

Stranger Things’ now famous theme tune was originally called Prophecy, and comes from 80s-inspired band Survive.

The track was one of their previously unreleased compositions, but they agreed to rework it into something bigger and bolder for the TV show.

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Who wrote it?

Survive, made up of Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, came to programme makers The Duffer Brothers’ attention with their work on indie horror film The Guest.

Their synthesiser-heavy sound was exactly what The Duffer Brothers were looking for, so when they asked whether Survive wanted to work with them, they were delighted to discover that the band had a whole library of unreleased music ready to go.

Kyle and Michael ended up quitting their day jobs to work full-time on Stranger Things, tweaking some of the music they’d already composed and writing new tracks for the score.

Talking about the theme tune, Kyle told Billboard: “It's an old demo Michael had, but it's nothing like what you hear... nowhere near as much of a piece of music as it is now. That was just some random thing that ended up in the library they had and when they found it they were like, 'what if this was the main title?' We thought it could be good, so we built it out.

“We've been wanting to get into music for TV and film for a long time, but we had no idea how. We've been passively creating libraries, weird droney noises... so we had this collection of songs that we were trying to figure out how to present to people in film.”

As well as the theme tune, you’ll also hear their work in the incidental music and motifs for the main characters.

They produced around 14 hours of music for the first series over the course of a year, much of which is still used now in season 3.

Which other music features in the series?

Of course, to make Stranger Things a truly authentic 80s show, some original music from the time needs to be heard.

Viewers may have spotted tracks from The Clash, Joy Division, Toto, New Order, The Bangles, Foreigner, Echo and the Bunnymen, Queen, and Peter Gabriel featuring in various scenes.

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The most-heard song in series one was The Clash’s Should I Stay or Should I Go, which was used for most of the scenes when Will Byers is stuck in the upside down, fighting the monster and trying to communicate with his friends and family.

Music supervisor Nora Felder said of convincing The Clash to allow their song to be used: “They were worried about trivialising the song and needed to see how it was going to be used in scenes, and for the first time I put my English lit background to use.”

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