Wine Country: What is it? Who stars in it? When is it on TV? All you need to know about the Netflix film

Love comedy? Love wine? Amy Poehler's directorial debut which follows a group of friends on a birthday weekend could be just your tipple.

An all-female comedy dream team featuring Amy Poehler and Tina Fey is launching Netflix Original comedy Wine Country.

It’s the perfect film for a night in – here’s all you need to know about the cast and what happens in the film.

When is Wine Country on Netflix?

Comedy film Wine Country is a Netflix Original and is set to begin streaming on Friday, May 10.

What happens in it?

It’s Rebecca’s 50th birthday, and while she’s reluctant to celebrate the milestone, her best friend Abby has decided to throw her a party with some of their closest friends.

The group of women are heading to the scenic Napa Valley for the weekend to enjoy some wine in each other’s company, and Abby has put together a strict itinerary to make sure they have the best time possible.

But each guest turns up with their own issues. Workaholic Catherine, post-op Val, homebody Jenny, and weary mother Naomi, are all looking forward to a relaxing weekend, but find Abby’s plans the opposite of soothing.

As the alcohol flows, the women start to question their friendships with each other and what their futures are going to be.

Is there a trailer?

There is, so if you want to see some of the film’s best jokes, take a look at this clip.

You can also spot 30 Rock star Tina Fey, a long-time collaborator with star and director Poehler, making a guest appearance.

Who stars in it?

It’s an all-star cast of women you’re sure to recognise from many of your favourite comedies.

Amy Poehler, who also directs Wine Country, stars as organisational enthusiast Abby. Comedian Amy is best known for starring in Parks and Recreation, and Saturday Night Live.

Birthday girl Rebecca is played by Rachel Dratch, another Saturday Night Live star who has also appeared in 30 Rock.

Workaholic Catherine is played by Ana Gasteyer, who has starred in Saturday Night Live, The Goldbergs, and played Cady’s mum in Mean Girls.

Val is played by writer and actress Paula Pell, known for her work on Saturday Night Live with her Wine Country co-stars.

Maya Rudolph is the tired mother Naomi and will be familiar to viewers from her role as the bride in Bridesmaids, as well as Saturday Night Live.

Other cast members include Tina Fey, Emily Spivey, Cherry Jones, Maya Erskine and Jason Schwartzman.

Wine Country begins streaming on Netflix on Friday, May 10.

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