You on Netflix: Who are the cast and characters?

Get to grips with the key characters in the adaptation of Caroline Kepnes’ hit novel.

Thrilling page-turner You has been adapted into an equally binge-worthy series for Netflix.

Joe is a seemingly mild-mannered bookstore manager who reveals a much more sinister side when his perfect woman walks into his shop and he realises he’d do anything to be a part of her life.

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Find out who the story’s main characters are, and who plays them in the show.

Joe Goldberg – Penn Badgley

On the face of it, there’s no one more decent than Joe – he’s passionate about literature and takes great pride in running his New York bookstore.

When Guinevere Beck comes into the store one day, he believes he’s met his perfect match… only there are a few obstacles he needs to move out of his way first.

Joe goes to huge lengths to make himself indispensable to Beck, stalking her every move on social media and showing even darker secrets as the series progresses.

He’s played by Penn Badgley, who viewers may recognise from his long-running role in Gossip Girl as Dan Humphrey, and films Easy A and John Tucker Must Die.

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Guinevere Beck – Elizabeth Lail

Joe’s dream woman Guinevere Beck, who usually goes by just her last name, is a scatty mess as a failing student of creative writing who’s struggling to fit in - even with her best friends.

The bookstore manager seems like the answer to all of her romantic disasters, but she has no idea that their every meeting has been engineered with often sinister consequences.

Like her friends, Beck is far too available on social media, which turns out to be her downfall.

She is played by Elizabeth Lail, who has previously starred in TV series Once Upon a Time and Dead of Summer.

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Paco – Luca Padovan

Joe's young neighbour brings out the lead character’s best side for a while, as he mentors Paco in reading and tries to help him with his tough home life.

Paco’s addict mother has fallen into an abusive relationship with the terrifying Ron and turns to Joe for help in escaping his nightmare.

Luca Padovan has previously appeared in TV series Super Wings! and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

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Ethan – Zach Cherry

Ethan is Joe’s right-hand man in the bookstore, a hopeless romantic permanently on the search for Miss Right.

His head is in the clouds most of the time, so he’s completely oblivious to the weird things that are going on in the basement of the shop and believes Joe is just a nice guy.

Actor Zach Cherry has also appeared in TV series Our Cartoon President and I Feel Bad.

Peach Salinger – Shay Mitchell

Beck’s socialite best friend is Peach, a descendant of JD Salinger who lives a charmed life, on the surface at least.

However, she’s riddled with insecurities, addicted to prescription drugs, is a master of manipulation with her friends and is almost as darkly obsessed with Beck as Joe is.

She’s one of the few people to see through Joe, and the pair quickly become sworn enemies.

Peach is played by Shay Mitchell, best known for her role as Emily Fields in the hit series Pretty Little Liars.

Annika – Kathryn Gallagher

Another close friend of Beck and Peach, Annika has carved out a life as a social media influencer.

But her lack of self-awareness and her omnipresence on Instagram come back to bite her when she manages to rile Peach.

Annika is played by Kathryn Gallagher, who appears in her first major screen role in You.

Lynn – Nicole Kang

Completing Beck’s shallow gang is Lynn, the most air-headed of the four girls.

Joe describes her as completely personality-free, and claims she is totally reliant on booze to make herself interesting.

Lynn is played by Nicole Kang, who is also in her first big acting role but who has various film projects coming up this year.

Ron – Daniel Cosgrove

Paco’s stepfather figure is the boozy bully Ron, who has embedded himself in Paco’s mother’s life and is deeply suspicious of Joe.

He’s equally as controlling of his partner as Joe is, but doesn’t have any of his subtlety in making their relationship appear normal.

Daniel Cosgrove, who plays Ron, is a regular on the US soap circuit, with past long-running projects including the shows All My Children, As the World Turns and Days of Our Lives.

Candace – Ambyr Childers

Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candace is one of the biggest enigmas of the series.

He frequently mentions the girl who broke his heart and various ominous hints are dropped as to what became of her, but viewers will need to watch to the end to discover the shocking truth.

Candace is played by Ambyr Childers, whose career has included All My Children, Ray Donovan, and Aquarius.

Blythe – Hari Nef

Starting out as Beck’s grad school nemesis, Blythe is a self-assured, talented writer who holds nothing back in her criticism of her fellow students.

The pair develop a grudging respect for each other and become closer for a surprising reason.

Blythe is played by Hari Nef, who viewers may recognise from TV series Transparent.

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