Strictly Come Dancing's Ruth Langsford on weight loss, Aston's shock exit and Anton Du Beke - exclusive

Ruth Langsford and Anton talk to about shock exits, ballroom falls and weight loss.

Last updated: 12 November 2017 - 2.11pm

This Morning and Loose Women star Ruth Langsford has been one of the stand-out stars of Strictly Come Dancing 2017.

Ruth might not have reached the higher end of the leaderboard so far this series, but her partnership with Anton has amused, entertained and inspired millions every week.

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Strictly Come Dancing - Ruth Langsford and Anton Du Beke

And while star performers like Aston Merrygold have been eliminated, Ruth remains on the show, still fighting for the Glitterball Trophy.

The TV presenter believes that it is her "shared sense of humour” with Anton that has been the secret to their success.

“We tend to do comedy routines because they happen quite naturally between us,” Ruth told

“But I took on board what Craig said that you don't want people to think that you’re just doing it because you can't dance. I think I have improved a bit and I'd like to show people I've improved a bit more hopefully.”

Anton added: “It’s about the dance having integrity. So you're adding the comedy on top in a skilful way.

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“I think it’s important people appreciate what Ruth is doing with the dances. She's doing everything I've asked her to do which is lovely for me and she's doing it all well. As I said before, integrity, every dance has integrity.”

Strictly Come Dancing - Ruth Langsford and Anton Du Beke

Commenting on Aston Merrygold’s departure, which has dominated the headlines over the last week, Strictly veteran Anton said viewers could expect more surprises in the coming weeks

“At this stage in the show you're going to get a lot of that, a lot of those dance offs where you go I can't believe this lot are here,” he said. “Look around, there are a lot of good ones left.”

“If you had asked anyone watching, who was second from bottom, you wouldn't have said Aston. Because you just presume he's somewhere near the top.”

Ruth added: “I think Aston was a victim of being so good and being at the top of the leaderboard for so many weeks that people thought he was safe. People forgot to vote because they assumed that he would be going through because he's so brilliant.”

Aston’s exit wasn’t the only talking point from last week as Anton and Ruth’s spectacular stumble in the Paso Doble brought the house down.

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“It was the live TV moment that will stay with me forever and I've done a lot of live TV,” laughed Ruth.

“I actually thought I'd done quite a good paso doble!”

Ruth doesn’t check her weight, but revealed that baggy jeans were a giveaway that the show was changing her figure.

“You're bound to because it's like doing an aerobics class for four five hours a day,” she said.

“You're just moving, moving, moving all the time. Also your fitness level goes up, I was a bit nervous when I was started. Thinking I'm not as young as I used to be, how will my stamina hold up? But you're getting fitter all the time.”

Strictly Come Dancing  - Ruth Langsford and Anton Du Beke

She’s also got incredible support from her husband Eamonn Holmes, who isn’t just cheering her on in the studio every week.

“When I get home Eamonn gets the bowl of ice water for my feet, and an iced gin. Both ends.

“He is basically taking care of keeping the fires burning. It makes me laugh that as soon as I was in this and obviously stayed in a bit longer, everyone's really concerned about how Eamonn’s coping.

“You know what, he's doing fine. Amazingly he knows how to make a sandwich. When he went to Australia last year to do the I’m a Celebrity aftershow for three weeks did anyone call me? Nothing..

Can Ruth and Anton last one more week in Strictly? They hope so, because the remaining celebrities are heading to the Blackpool Ballroom next Saturday.

“I'm this close now to being in Blackpool – it would be incredible. And actually, I'd like to do that for Anton because he's the ballroom king. He needs to be in Blackpool.”

Strictly continues on Saturdays and Sundays on BBC One.

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