Can you spot these 10 hidden Easter eggs in Disney Pixar’s Cars 3?

Disney Pixar’s hit movie Cars 3 is packed with hidden references to the company's history, films and pop culture. How many can you find?

Cars 3, the third film in the hugely popular Cars franchise, is available to rent and buy on the BT TV Store this November.

And it looks as though Disney Pixar’s animation team had a lot of fun making it, as they’ve snuck in many hidden symbols, ranging from direct Disney references to pop culture symbols. These are dubbed 'Easter eggs', as they are scattered around for viewers to find, just like the eggs in an Easter egg hunt!

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Did you recognise any of these 10 hidden Easter eggs in Disney Pixar’s Cars 3?

A 113

A running gag of CalArts graduates who now work in animation is to make reference to the number of an animation classroom they all used – A 113.

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You’ll see it appear in each of Pixar movies and in several Disney films, and Cars 3 is no exception: you can spot the number when Lightning McQueen goes into Lightning’s office.

The Pizza Planet Truck

You can find The Pizza Planet Truck in every single Pixar movie since Toy Story. In Cars 3 the truck competes in the demolition derby that Lightning and Cruz end up getting dragged into.

Cinderella’s Carriage

Sterling’s office shelves are adorned with various trophies. If you look extra carefully, you’ll spot a golden ornament statue of Cinderella’s pumpkin horse chariot as well.

Buy n Large Corporation

We first met the fictional Buy n Large Corporation in WALL-E and it has re-appeared in various other Pixar shorts and movies since. In Cars 3 it appears twice. Once in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it track scene and then again in the closing credits. The 'BnL' logo appears on the track in the racing stadium and during the credits on a bumper sticker.

Pixar Ball

The Luxo Ball is a blue and yellow ball, featuring a red star. It first appeared in the very early days of Pixar when the company produced their first short film. Two desk lamps met a brightly coloured inflatable ball – The Luxo Ball. The lamp is now symbolic with Pixar movies but the ball has still reappeared in several Pixar movies, including Toy Story. While the actual ball doesn’t reappear in Cars 3, its coloured pattern does. The yellow circle, red star and blue background appears as the paint design on one of Lightning’s race competitors.

The Number 86

On this same competitor’s car is the number 86 - a direct reference to the year 1986, when Pixar was founded. And the rest is quite literally cinema history!

Miss Fritter

In Cars 3 we’re introduced to several exciting new characters, including Miss Fritter, the jolly yet entirely banged up school bus that now serves as a demolition destroyer. Fans have noted that Miss Fritter’s name is remarkably similar to Miss Frizzle, the wacky yet beloved school teacher of the The Magic School Bus. A popular and quirky cartoon series of the 90s, we can only predict that this must have made an impact on at least some of the Cars 3 animators.

Miss Fritter’s street sign

There’s another hidden symbol stuck in Miss Fritter’s window, a green street sign of 'W. Cutting Blvd'. Astute Pixar fans may have also noticed this sign appeared over Andy’s bedroom door in Toy Story 3. This sign is a direct reference to Pixar’s first ever offices, which were located on West Cutting Boulevard in Richmond, California.


Coco is Pixar’s upcoming film about the Day of the Dead. In Cars 3, a direct reference is made to the upcoming feature when one of the racers Cruz Ramirez is training projects an image of his hometown onto the monitor screen. This is the same town where Coco shall be filmed. You’ll also see another reference to Coco when a Mexican guitar is played in a bar scene.

Jocko Flocko

McQueen’s trailer needs to go in disguise during Cars 3, and is transformed into Jocko Flocko’s Party Supplies. This is a historical Nascar reference, as Jokco Flocko was the monkey who would travel with racer Tim Flock.

Cars 3 is available to buy and rent from the BT TV Store.

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