We’re never too young – or too old – to have a monster or two in our lives, and filmmakers everywhere know it. Liam Neeson voices the latest bogeyman to hit the big screen, in the alternately heartbreaking and heartwarming A Monster Calls, new to BT TV store. Why not have a monster movie-thon with some of the best creatures ever to grace the cinema?

Tree Monster: A Monster Calls

Conor has a lot on his plate. The boys at school pick on him; his father has moved to the US; he doesn’t get on with his scary grandmother and, worst of all, his beloved mum is really, really ill. So when the tree outside his window comes to life as a colossal and not-at-all cuddly monster, he takes it in his stride. This adaptation of Patrick Ness’s novel is a masterful study of grief, with a powerful performance from Lewis MacDougall as Conor and brilliant support from Liam Neeson (voice of the tree monster), Felicity Jones and Sigourney Weaver. You’ll need a hanky. Available to buy tomorrow from BT TV Store and to rent from 8th May.


There’s always a risk when it comes to adapting one of Roald Dahl’s beloved children’s classics, but there’s no need to fear with this one – you’re in safe hands with Steven Spielberg at the helm. Mark Rylance brings his perfect pitch to the voice of the BFG himself, and Ruby Barnhill is refreshingly un-drama school brat as Sophie. You’ll get plenty of shivers down your spine – not from fear, but because the film has successfully brought that special Dahl magic to life. It’s worth-watching to see the royal corgis on Frobscottle alone. Available to buy and rent from BT TV Store

Carol: Where the Wild Things Are

The story of a naughty small boy sent to bed without any supper who runs away to the land of the Wild Things stretches to just 40 enchanting pages in Maurice Sendak’s iconic book, but Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers pull off a 104-minute feature film adaptation that stays true to the spirit of the original. A mixture of live action, costumes, animatronics and CGI creates a convincing Wild Things universe, but it’s monster Carol, voiced by James Gandolfini, who proves to be the most mesmerising thing of all. Get ready to start the wild rumpus. Available to buy and rent from BT TV Store

Mike and Sulley: Monsters, Inc

It’s hard to believe that Mike and Sulley entered our lives way back in 2001. One of Pixar’s very best, Monsters, Inc is a solid-gold hit thanks to its inspired premise, brilliant animation, and the genius voice-over work of Billy Crystal and John Goodman. The film created a generation of kids who, instead of being scared of things that go bump in the night, lay awake hoping their bedroom door would creak open and a ‘scarer’ would appear to lead them off on a riotous adventure. Available to buy and rent from BT TV Store

ET: ET the Extra–Terrestrial

When life seems humdrum and loses its magic, it’s time to watch ET again and remember why it’s an all-time classic. You can view it as a movie about Spielberg’s parents’ divorce for extra depth, or just enjoy it at face value – a film about a dumpy little alien who brings awe and wonder into a small boy’s life. From drunk ET stumbling around the kitchen to the flying bicycle scene, it’s pitch perfect. Get your finger wiggling – it’s time to phone home. Available to buy and rent from BT TV Store

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