A Very Kardashian Holiday: 5 secrets revealed

Find out what’s coming up on this year’s Kardashian Christmas special.

Whatever you think about the Kardashians they're undeniably a close family that do almost everything together. This Christmas will be no different, as the family come together to make this Christmas truly unforgettable.

Here are five secrets from A Very Kardashian Holiday we can reveal:

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1. Decorating is extra competitive this year

The Kardashians have proved time and time again that they’re incredibly competitive, and this Chrismas each family member wants to outdo one another with epic Christmas house decorating, Kim complains that Kourtney stole her decorating ideas last year.

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Determined to not leak any of their ideas this time around, each member is extremely secretive with their ideas – with hilarious consequences.

2. Kris plays a prank on Kim

kris kardashian

If you cast your mind back to Keeping Up the Kardashians seasons of the past, it’s usually the Kardashian offspring ganging up on and pranking Kris – but this year she decides to turn the tables around.

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Fed up of Kim and Kourtney’s squabbling about copying one another’s decorating ideas, she gets word that Kim is planning to set up a surprise ice rink in her backyard. Much to Kim’s dismay, Kris installs her own ice skating rink.

3. Kris and Jonathan shop in disguise

Kris and family friend and food blogger Jonathan Cheban are tired of constantly getting papped and asked for selfies every time they leave the house so they transform themselves into “trailer trash” strangers and head into their local supermarket.

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Here they’re able to shop and splurge on decorations unnoticed – and have plenty of fun while doing it.

4. Kris and Khloe have an epic bake-off

khloe kardashian

Kris's family love her baking, but Khloe is quick to point out that the majority of her cakes come straight from the box. Khloe challenges her to a bake-off, swearing that the family will prefer her baked goods that are made completely from scratch compared to Kris’ box-to-oven treats.

5. There are plenty of kids on camera

What about the next generation of Kardashians? Thankfully these little cuties have lots of camera time. You’ll see North, Penelope and Mason participate in a gingerbread decorating party and even help out at a charity food drive. And trust us, they’re just as adorable and stylish as you’d imagine.

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