Black Sails series 3 quiz: How much do you know about Pirates?

History's exciting drama is back for a third series - but just how much do you know about the Pirate world?

The Michael Bay pirate drama Black Sails returns for its third season on History (BT TV channel 327/379 HD) this month, with Toby Stephens at the helm of an all-star cast.

It is 1715 – deep in the Golden Age of Piracy. The most feared of the notorious buccaneers is Captain Flint, a man prepared to wage war on the world.

His battle will reach across land and sea, from the halls of power in London to the blood-stained decks of a Spanish man-of-war; and be fought by men and women whose names will be forever forged into our collective memory. Names like Charles Vane, Edward Teach, John Rackham, Anne Bonny – and, last but not least… Long John Silver.

To whet your appetite for the show’s return, why not try our quiz and find out just how much you know about piracy? Make ready, ye scurvy lubbers!



Black Sails airs Tuesdays at 10pm on History.

Watch HISTORY on BT TV channel 327/379 HD. The show will also be available on BT TV Catch-Up.

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Photo credits: David Bloomer/Starz Entertainment, LLC




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