BT TV Store: Getting the most out of your BT TV

BT TV Store is the home of blockbuster film releases and TV box sets to buy or rent.

If you missed one of the hottest movie releases at the cinema or haven’t seen that hit TV show everyone is talking about, BT TV Store is here to help.

Because not only does BT TV have an amazing variety of TV channels and shows to watch live or on BT TV catch-up, but there are also hundreds of fantastic films and TV box sets to buy or rent in the BT TV Store*.


Here are some quick and easy steps to find films and TV box sets in the BT TV Store to make sure you never miss a thing.



Step One

When your TV is turned on – it doesn’t matter what channel you’re watching – press the ‘BT Player’ button above the big blue 'Y' button in the centre of the remote.

You will then need to press ‘OK’ to confirm you want to enter the BT Player.

Step Two

A purple screen with a list that begins 'For You', 'Library' and 'Bookmarks' will then come up.

To buy or rent from a wide selection of films and TV box sets available on the BT TV Store, use the silver directional keys to scroll down to the second option on the list: Library. Then, press ‘OK’ again.There will then be a new list of options, starting with BT TV exclusive channel AMC, and continuing on with Film, BT Sport and TV Box Sets.

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Step Three

To browse through the films that are available to buy or rent on the BT TV Store, select ‘Film’.

A new list will appear that begins with Just In, Recently Added and Most Popular. Here, you’ll see all of the latest releases, fresh from the cinema, to buy and own or rent on the BT TV Store, including the smash hits Batman v Superman, Bad Neighbours 2, Captain America Civil War and The Jungle Book.

When you find the film you want, you can then select either buy or rent and SD or HD versions of the film.

Step Four

You can also do exactly the same with TV Box Sets. Press ‘back’ to return to the ‘Library’ menu, and scroll down through ‘AMC’, ‘Film’ and ‘BT Sport’ to select the fourth option: ‘TV Box Sets’.

Press ‘OK’, and a new list will appear featuring ‘Just In’, ‘Recently Added’ and ‘Most Popular’ at the top.

With the hottest TV including Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Luther, you’ll never miss a moment with TV Box Sets on BT TV Store. Here you can buy & own whole seasons or individual episodes from just £1.89.

Once you have bought or rented the film or TV show you want to watch, it will appear in your ‘Purchases’ tab on the BT Player homepage.

Did you know?

When you buy & rent a film or TV show on your BT TV box, you can also watch and download a digital copy in the BT TV Purchases app, where it will appear within 24 hours of making a purchase.

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*Not every film is available to both buy & rent

Snatch – coming to BT TV