Captain Underpants: 5 reasons it's the best superhero film of 2017

Forget about Justice League and Marvel, Captain Underpants is the only caped crusader we need this year.

Who is your favourite superhero? Captain America, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman all spring to mind but there’s one new addition to the list for parents and kids in 2017.

The one and only Captain Underpants.

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Captain Underpants: The First Epic Adventure is available to buy and rent in the BT TV Store and here are five reasons you need to meet this scantily-clad new hero.

Epic laughs

Captain Underpants

Kids and parents will both be in stitches as the story follows two overly imaginative pranksters, George and Harold and their headteacher, who they accidentally hypnotise into believing that he really is Captain Underpants.

When the boys new headteachers turns out to be the evil Mr Poopypants, the boys and Captain Underpants must team up to stop his evil agenda.

Gloriously silly, packed full of the finest toilet humour and unashamedly cheeky, Captain Underpants fires off gags and giggles at machine gun speed.

Epic cast

Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch are perfect as the wild youngsters George and Harold and their joyless enemies, Mr Krupp and Mr Poopypants are played with glee by Nick Kroll and Ed Helms.

The entire cast perfectly capture the giddy fun of the original bestselling book series.

Epic fancy dress potential

Captain Underpants

There’s no need to worry about next year’s Halloween costume. Just fetch some Marks and Spencers widefronts, a red cape and you’re on your way.  TRA-LA-LAA!

Epic core message

At the heart of Captain Underpants is the idea that anyone can play a superhero. Mr Krupp doesn’t really have any special powers when he is first transformed by the boys – he just believes that he is a superhero and starts taking on the bad guys.

The film also celebrates youthful imagination and has a fantastic child-like spirit.

Epic response from critics

Captain Underpants

We’re not the only ones to have fallen in love with Captain Underpants.

The Guardian described the film a “really good-natured and unashamedly silly animated comedy for younger children and whatever giggling immature grown-ups are lucky enough to accompany them” and called for it to be turned into a franchise.

Meanwhile, the king of film critics Mark Kermode described the animation as the “surprise treat” of the year.

"I just loved it," said Kermode. "It’s in a field of its own. Captain Underpants is terrific. You will love it and laugh and laugh and laugh… that was a proper family film."

Captain Underpants is available to buy and rent in the BT TV Store now.

To buy the film, press the BT player button on your remote, scroll across to film and search now. Alternately, press the blue button and search for the film you want.

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