Flack: From Max Beesley and Rufus Jones to Katherine Kelly and Amanda Abbington, meet the guest stars in W’s new PR drama

Anna Paquin leads an A-list cast in the new glossy TV show set in the glamorous world of celebrity PR - but which well-known faces guest star as her troubled clients?

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New comedy drama Flack has arrived on W channel, promising to lift the lid on the glamorous world of celebrity PR.

Oscar-winning actress Anna Paquin plays the lead role of publicity guru Robyn, starring alongside Sophie Okonedo, Lydia Wilson and Rebecca Benson in the fictional showbiz PR firm.

In fact, if you’re wondering what the fuss is all about, here's everything you need to know about Flack and why you should watch it.

Alongside the regular cast and characters of Flack, there’s also a whole host of guest stars who’ll be appearing in the show, from Max Beesley and Rufus Jones to Katherine Kelly and Amanda Abbington.

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Max Beesley

Max Beesley

English actor Max Beesley, known for various TV roles including Mad Dogs, Suits and Jamestown, will appear as one of the PR firm’s clients as fictional celebrity chef, Anthony Henderson.

Rufus Jones

Rufus Jones

Fellow Brit actor Rufus Jones (W1A, Camping), plays Ruth’s hopeless husband Mark. He’s a doting family man who feels it's his duty to provide for his family.

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Katherine Kelly and Darren Boyd

Katherine Kelly

Katherine Kelly found fame in Coronation Street, before starring in various TV shows including Mr. Selfridge, Happy Valley and The Night Manager. She’s soon set to star in ITV’s new drama Cheat.

You might recognise Darren Boyd from TV dramas including Killing Eve - he played Frank - and Fortitude.

Kelly stars as PR client Brooke Love-Wells, the founder of an organic cosmetics company, who goes ballistic when the papers print a leaked photo of her bruised, post-plastic-surgery face.

Amanda Abbington


Still up in a kitchen with ma boys. #birthdayboy #celebrations #needtogohome

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Amanda Abbington is perhaps best known for playing Mary Watson alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in the BBC’s Sherlock, but she’s also appeared in TV shows including Mr Selfridge and Safe.

In Flack, she appears as Robyn’s PR client Alexa, who has to look pleased for the cameras when a bitter rival wins an award.

Alan Davies

Alan Davies

Another big Brit name, Essex-born Davies is best known for his lead role in long-running TV series, Jonathan Creek, and for his permanent seat on the QI panel.

He plays Dan Proctor, another one of Robyn’s clients. He’s an entitled stand-up comedian who’s accused of being trans-phobic.

Arinze Kene

Arinze Kene

Born in Nigeria but raised in London, Arinze Kene starred alongside Michelle Keegan in BBC One’s Our Girl, as well as the recent TV series, Informer.

In Flack, he plays Robyn’s charming, loving and tolerant boyfriend, Sam. He’s also a nurse - could he be any more selfless?.

Sam’s very keen that the couple take their relationship to the next level and try for a baby - but Robyn isn’t exactly on the same page…

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Marc Warren

Marc Warren

Marc Warren (Safe, Snatch) plays a very charismatic and damaged addict Tom, who Robyn meets at her Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Robyn sets Tom up as a potential boyfriend for her colleague Eve (Lydia Wilson), but there's clearly an attraction between Robyn and him too.

Chu Omambala, Tsion Habte and Indra Ove

Chu Omambala

Chu Omambala (Liar, Doctor Who), Tsion Habte (Les Misérables) and Indra Ove (Unforgotten), all appear in episode 2 of Flack, in a storyline about Summer Bolton, a former talent show winner who is about to be dropped by her record label.

Bradley Whitford

Bradley Whitford

Golden-Globe nominated US actor Bradley Whitford (The West Wing) plays Rodney Richards, one of Robyn’s particularly obnoxious film star clients, who she accompanies on a flight to pick up a humanitarian award in New York.

Amy Huberman

Amy Huberman

Amy Huberman (Butterfly, Cold Feet, Striking Out), plays Celina Pope, one of Robyn’s clients who has been photographed without her fake baby bump. Celina has hired a surrogate to give birth because she has a very busy schedule.

Rebecca Root

Rebecca Root

Rebecca Root is a British actress, who is openly transgender. She played the leading role in the 2015-2016 BBC Two sitcom, Boy Meets Girl.

In Flack, she appears as Allie Greggs, a trans comedian who heckles Alan Davies’ character Dan at one of his gigs over an inappropriate trans routine, causing a PR storm.

Flack also stars Lloyd Everitt (Casualty), Kadiff Kirwan (Black Mirror), Rebecca Scroggs (EastEnders) and Holli Dempsey (Harlots).

Watch the trailer for Flack:

Flack airs Thursdays at 10pm on W (BT channel number 311/383 HD).

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