How do I use Catch-Up on BT TV? The quick guide and easy tricks for getting the best out of BT TV

Discover how you can catch up on some of the very best from BT TV’s premium entertainment channels.

There’s nothing worse than missing one of your favourite TV shows and having to trawl through the TV guide to see when – or even if – it is repeated.

But did you know that some of the very best shows from BT TV are all available right now at your fingertips on BT TV catch-up.

Here are some quick and easy steps to find and watch shows from your favourite premium entertainment channels - AMC, HISTORY, Gold, TLC and many more – if you have a BT TV Youview box.

Step One

BT TV Catch Up Embed 1

When your TV is turned on – it doesn’t matter what channel you’re watching – press the big blue 'Y' button in the centre of the remote.

You will then see a list of tabs pop up at the bottom of the TV screen. You want to select ‘BT’, in between the Players & Apps and Settings.

Press the silver right arrow button in the centre of the remote control to scroll along to it and then, press ‘OK’.

Step Two

A purple screen with a list that begins 'For You', 'Library' and 'Bookmarks' will then come up.

To watch some of the fantastic shows you might have missed, use the silver directional keys to scroll down to the seventh option on the list: Catch Up. Then, press ‘OK’ again.

BT TV Catch Up Embed 2

There will then be three options on a new list: Most Popular, the latest promos and TV Players.

If you want to catch up with the most popular BT TV shows that are being watched by others, select ‘Most Popular’ to browse the shows like Quantico and channels including History, TLC and Discovery.

BT TV Catch Up Embed 3

Step Three

If there’s a specific show you want to catch up with, scroll down to TV Players.

A new list will appear that begins with BT TV's exclusive channel AMC. It also includes channels such as HISTORY, Crime + Investigation and Lifetime.

BT TV Catch Up Embed 5

Scroll down the list to the channel you want. The shows available will then appear on the right hand side of the screen. For example, selecting ‘Alibi’ will bring up a list including Murdoch Mysteries, Castle and Crossing Lines.

BT TV Catch Up Embed 6

Step Four

Use the directional keys to move around the grid of TV shows.

When you find the one you want to watch, press OK.

BT TV Catch Up Embed 4

You can then view your show with two options. You can either watch all of the available episodes back to back by pressing ‘OK’ for 'Play All'. Or you can press right, and select an individual episode you want to watch. Press ‘OK’ and then ‘OK’ again. You will then see a black screen with 'Loading'. Your programme will shortly play.

BT TV Catch-Up

Did you know?

When the programme is playing, you can pause and rewind the episode.

If you make a mistake or press something you don't mean to at any stage of the process, press 'Back' under the silver directional keys and it will reverse a step.

When you have finished watching your show and want to quit the BT Player, press the 'Close' button situated above the number pad and you will return to the tab screen that appeared in step two.

To return to the television, press 'Close' again.

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