Oscar-winning movies and blockbuster hits are among the fantastic new films available in BT TV Store to buy and rent in May.

Here are our five BT TV Store must-watch films for the coming month.

1. La La Land - Available to rent on BT TV Store from May 15

The musical comedy-drama from Lionsgate Films was a box office hit and a huge success during awards season, winning six Oscars, five Baftas and a record-breaking seven Golden Globes – with lead actress Emma Stone winning one of each.

Stone and Ryan Gosling play Mia and Sebastian, two aspiring artists struggling to make an impact and follow their dreams in Los Angeles. Inspired by classic movie musicals such as Top Hat, Singin’ in the Rain and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, La La Land is a colourful, dazzling delight not to be missed.

2. Sing – Available to buy on BT TV Store on May 15 and rent from May 22

A still from the animated movie Sing. Photo credit: Universal


Sing is another musical from 2016, but it’s far removed from La La Land – it’s a fun animated tale in which eternally optimistic koala Buster decides to give his run-down theatre a boost by hosting a huge talent competition – for singing animals, naturally.

The film features the vocal talents of Matthew McConaughey, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Saunders among others, as well as more than sixty classic tunes to sing along to. Fun for all the family from Universal.

3. Manchester by the Sea - Available to buy on BT TV Store on May 8

Casey Affleck bagged Best Actor awards at the Oscars, Baftas and Golden Globes for his portrayal of Lee Chandler, the protagonist of writer-director Kenneth Lonergan’s affecting drama - a loner who is struggling to deal with profound guilt.

Lee’s return to the titular town after the death of his brother Joe reopens old wounds, a situation complicated by Joe’s dying request that Lee act as guardian to his son, 16-year-old Patrick. Their journey is a compelling, beautifully-crafted story which brings the very best from its actors.

4. The Lego Batman Movie - Available to buy on BT TV Store on May 30th and rent on June 19th.

Still from The Lego batman Movie.  Photo credit: Warner Brothers

(©2017 WBEI and DC Comics. All Rights Reserved. © 2017 The LEGO Group)

BATMAN characters and elements © & ™ DC Comics.

If you enjoyed 2014’s The Lego Movie, you’re sure to find this this superhero sequel ‘absolutely awesome’! Will Arnett returns to voice the Caped Crusader once again in this dizzyingly funny animation, packed with jokes that will appeal to all ages.

Batman might be Gotham’s greatest hero, but he’ll need all his powers – not to mention a lot of help from his sidekick Robin and butler Alfred – if he is to prevent arch-nemesis The Joker and a rogues’ gallery of animated villains from destroying the city.  And maybe he can lighten up a little….

5. T2: Trainspotting – Available to buy on May 22 and rent on June 5th.

The long-awaited sequel to Danny Boyle’s 1996 smash hit, T2: Trainspotting sees original cast members Ewan McGregor, Johnny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle and Ewen Bremner reunited for a more mature and reflective tale of friendship, guilt and redemption on the streets of Edinburgh.

McGregor’s Renton returns to the only place he can call home some twenty years after ripping off his friends Sick Boy, Spud and Begbie. Other old friends are waiting, too: regret, fear, longing, hatred and vengeance – it’s another rollercoaster ride for the boys from Leith, even if they are older and (a little) wiser.

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