Netflix’s Suburra: What is it about? When is it on? Who are the characters? How many episodes are there?

All we know about Netflix's new Italian crime drama, Suburra.

After the runaway success of Netflix Colombian drug cartel drama Narcos comes Suburra, a Netflix Original series about the contemporary Italian mafia.

It's Netflix’s first ever Italian series, and from the previews the show looks intense and exciting, to say the very least.

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Here’s all we know about Suburra so far.

What is Suburra about?

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Suburra is inspired by the bestselling Italian novel of the same name, written by Giancarlo De Cataldo and Carlo Bonini.

Set in contemporary Rome, Suburra focuses on how the criminal underworld, government and church are all intertwined.

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Episode one starts with a dramatic political event, which sets off a chain of events that leads to vacuum of power in the city of Rome for 20 days. The series will cover these 20 instrumental days and how the power players across the city respond and try to get their own piece of the game.


Running alongside this story, a major new city building is being constructed, and again many are keen to profit from it.

All the while, the show also focuses on three up-and-coming criminals, as they gradually work their way up and get closer to the above said goings-on.

This trio consists of Aureliano, heir to the Adami family’s criminal empire. He wants to set up a glamorous beach club on his family’s land, which is in an area in which the mafia is keen to invest.

aureliano suburra

Next up is Spadino part of the Sinti gypsies. There is a long-standing hatred between the Adami and Senti families but the two decide to work together when a unique opportunity arises.


Finally, there’s Lele. He’s a son of a policeman who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and engage in a little wheeling and dealing.

Interweaving these young and often naïve up-and-comers with established movers and shakers just adds to the complexity of the plot, and only further emphasises that no one is ever truly at the top or completely safe in the city of Rome.


When does it start?

The series will be available to stream on Netflix from Friday October 6 and consists of 10 episodes.

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