The BT TV hot list: From Traces to Dial M For Middlesbrough - what to watch in December 2019 and coming soon

Our pick of the best shows to watch on Freeview and BT TV’s extra entertainment channels in December and the rest of 2019.

There’s so much telly to get excited about this December on BT TV.

If you’re looking to get your teeth into something new, Traces premieres on Alibi, along with Dial M For Middlesbrough on Gold.

Keep reading for our must-watch guide for the month ahead, and what’s coming to BT TV later this year.

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What to watch in December 2019


Preacher season 3


When is it on?

Preacher season 3 continues Tuesdays 9pm on AMC (BT channel number 332 / 381 HD), exclusive to BT TV customers.

What’s it about?

Fulfilling a promise to his deceased father, one-time outlaw Jesse Custer returns home to West Texas to take over his dad’s church. Jesse’s mission, however, becomes twisted when his body is overcome by a cryptic force that unleashes within him a highly unconventional power.

Together with hell-raising ex-girlfriend Tulip and Irish vagabond Cassidy, the preacher-in-training embarks on a journey to find God in a world inhabited by holy, hellish, and everything-in-between characters.

Why watch it?

Developed by Sam Catlin (Breaking Bad), Evan Goldberg (Pineapple Express) and Seth Rogen (The Interview), the show has an 89% approval rating on review aggregation site

Ski A&E


When is it on?

Ski A&E premieres Monday, December 9 at 8pm on W channel (BT channel number 311 / 383 HD).

What’s it about?

Ski A&E follows the medical emergency teams at one of the world's biggest ski resorts, Val Thorens.

Why watch it?

The brand new series offers a unique insight into the heroic pisteurs who carry out the emergency rescues on the mountains, as well as the daily drama in the medical centres and local hospitals.



When is it on?

Traces is coming to Alibi channel (BT channel 312 / 382 HD) on Monday, December 9. 

What’s it about?

Traces is a suspense-filled crime thriller told from a fresh point of view, where forensic science takes centre stage.

Set in Scotland and exploring the world of SIFA, the Scottish Institute of Forensic Science, Traces introduces us to three compelling and very different female characters - Emma Hedges, Professor Sarah Gordon and Professor Kathy Torrance - who together will use the rigors of forensics to uncover the truth about an unsolved murder case.

Why watch it?

Alibi confirmed an award-winning cast for its first UKTV Original, including Molly Windsor (Three Girls, Cheat, above), Laura Fraser (The Missing, Breaking Bad) and Jennifer Spence (You Me Her, Travelers), alongside Line of Duty star Martin Compston.

Dial M For Middlesbrough


When is it on?

Dial M for Middlesbrough will premiere on Gold (BT channel number 310 / 392 HD) on Saturday, December 14.

What’s it about?

Following Murder On The Blackpool Express and Death On The Tyne, this third outing sees Gemma and Terry thrown into jeopardy when their coach breaks down in the middle of a fierce thunderstorm when they're on their way to collect Mildred and Hilda and take them to a funeral.

Why watch it?

Comedy stars Johnny Vegas and Sian Gibson are back on board their ill-fated tour bus for another murder mystery, and this time the grisly trip is heading to Middlesbrough in the company of Jason Donovan.

Sticks and Stones

Mike Bartlett

When is it on?

Sticks and Stones, formerly known as The Man, will premiere on ITV on Monday, December 16 at 9pm.

What’s it about?

Sticks and Stones is a workplace psychological drama centered around middle management.

Ken Nwosu (Christopher Robin, Killing Eve) plays Thomas Benson, a hard-working father and husband who works in a business park outside of London.

Reliant on bonuses and winning pitches, Benson often finds himself leading the team when trying to win new business.  

When he freezes during a pitch the fall out is monumental. Determined to win back a big client, Thomas goes to increasingly desperate lengths to remain successful.

But as he does, he begins to feel undermined, under attack and out of control. Has he lost his confidence and just feeling paranoid or is his own team, and maybe the wider world, now out to get him?

Why watch it?

Sticks and Stones was created by Doctor Foster and Press creator Mike Bartlett, above.



When is it on?

Dracula will premiere on BBC One over the 2019 festive period.

What’s it about?

According to the BBC, this re-imagining of the famous tale will reintroduce the world to Dracula (Danish actor Claes Bang, pictured above), the vampire who made evil sexy. In Transylvania in 1897, the blood-drinking Count is drawing his plans against Victorian London. And be warned: the dead travel fast.

Why watch it?

It’s been written and created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, known for their work on Doctor Who and Sherlock.

Looking further ahead - TV shows we can’t wait for

Liar series 2


When is it on?

A second series of ITV drama Liar will air in autumn 2019, according to

It was announced in April 2019 that filming for series 2 had started, with Katherine Kelly (Cheat), Howard Charles (The Widow, Musketeers) and Amy Nuttall (Downton Abbey) joining the cast.

What’s it about?

The first series of Liar told the tale of serial rapist Andrew Earlham (Ioan Gruffudd) and his victim Laura Nielson (Joanne Froggatt), who fought to bring him to justice.

The plot for the second series hasn’t been announced.

Why watch it?

Froggatt and Gruffudd will both return for the new series, which will again be written by Jack Williams and Harry Williams of Two Brothers Pictures.

Marcella series 3


When is it on?

According to, the third season of Marcella is coming to ITV in 2019.

A first-look picture from the set of series 3 was released in March 2019:

What’s it about?

Friel plays cop Marcella Backland, who is tackling the cases of serial killers while fighting her own demons – a series of recurring blackouts and a break-up with her husband.

The crimes got even darker in series two as Marcella took on the case of a disturbing child killer.

The plot for the third series hasn’t been announced.

Why watch it?

Marcella has a strong Nordic Noir vibe thanks to writer Hans Rosenfeldt, creator of Scandanavian classic The Bridge.

Bancroft series 2


When is it on?

Bancroft returns to ITV in January 2020.

What’s it about?

Created and written by Kate Brooke (Mr Selfridge), leading actress Sarah Parish (above, in season 1) plays respected police officer DCI Elizabeth Bancroft, a woman with dark secrets in her past.

In the first season of Bancroft, we met ruthless and courageous copper Bancroft. She has given her life to the police force. Consequently, she’s trusted and adored by her colleagues and promotion to Detective Chief Superintendent looks assured.

Bancroft is running an operation to bring down the pernicious and vicious Kamara gang. She adopts dubious methods, but the most violent brother, Athif (Amit Dhut), rules the local town with an iron fist, so it’s hard not to applaud her actions.

Why watch it?

The first season of Bancroft on ITV was one of the channel's best performing dramas of 2017.

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When is it on?

The brand new ITV drama is coming to ITV in 2020.

What’s it about?

Belgravia is a best-selling novel by Julian Fellowes, above, which he is adapting into a TV series for ITV.

Billed as “a story of secrets and dishonour amongst the upper echelon of London society in the 19th Century”, Belgravia focuses on the Trenchards, a family invited to the now-legendary ball of the Duchess of Richmond, held on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

What happens that evening will set in motion events that resonate for decades to come, as secrets unravel behind the porticoed doors of the grand houses of Belgravia in the 1840s.

Why watch it?

The award-winning Downton Abbey producer is back in his specialist genre of posh period drama for the new series, reuniting with his Downton Abbey team, which includes Carnival Films and producer Gareth Neame.

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Our Girl series 4

our girl

When is it on?

A release date for Our Girl series 4 on BBC One has not been confirmed, but filming started in South Africa in April 2019, and we know that the new run will consist of six episodes.

What’s it about?

Our Girl series 4 will take place one year on from 2 Section’s last tour in Bangladesh.

A positive Georgie (Michelle Keegan) is making leaps in her career, having been promoted to Sergeant, and is now training a new bunch of medics.

Happily living back in Manchester with her family, Georgie is insistent to her friends in 2 Section that she’s happily settled in her new job and will not be joining them on their upcoming deployment to Afghanistan, no matter how much they want her to.

However, when a night on the town results in a near-fatal incident, she can’t deny that the painful memories of losing the love of her life, Elvis, to a Taliban attack, is the real reason she doesn’t want to go back.

Georgie realises that she needs to return to Afghanistan to face her own fears.

Why watch it?

Michelle Keegan, above, was nominated for a National Television Award for her role in the BBC One drama.

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Bodyguard season 2


When is it on?

Bodyguard creator Jed Mercurio has confirmed he’s “got some ideas” for a second series of the hit BBC One drama, but its leading man Richard Madden confirmed that a second series wouldn’t air before 2020 as the crew “need a break”, according to the Daily Mail.

What’s it about?

As a second series hasn’t been confirmed, we don’t have a plot yet, but in season 1 of the political drama, Richard Madden’s character David Budd is assigned to protect Keeley Hawes’ character, Julia Montague.

Why watch it?

If you haven’t watched season 1 yet, have you been living under a rock? No but seriously, catch up on BBC iPlayer now - it’s the biggest new drama on British TV in more than a decade.

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Line of Duty season 6

line of duty

When is it on?

There’s no current release date for Line of Duty season 6 as it’s not yet been filmed, so the earliest we’d expect it is the spring of 2020.

What’s it about?

There are still many loose ends to be tied up following the series 5 conclusion, and it’s believed that main scriptwriter Jed Mercurio already knows what’s going to happen in series 6, although he has yet to write it.

Why watch it?

Season 5 of Line of Duty was set up around answering one of telly’s most burning questions: Who is the corrupt police officer known as H?

By the finale, we'd discovered that H was not one person, but was actually made up of four Caddies, signalled by original Caddy DI Matthew 'Dot' Cottan who the team noticed had been tapping out the Morse Code for H - four dots - in his dying declaration.

Mae and George

mae and george

When is it on?

A release date for new E4 / Netflix comedy Mae and George (working title) has not been announced, but it started filming in Manchester in early 2019.

What’s it about?

Mae and George is a semi-autobiographical comedy series that follows recovering addict and comedian Mae, who is trying to control the addictive behaviours and intense romanticism that permeate every facet of her life.

Life is further complicated by a new and all consuming relationship with her new girlfriend, George...

Why watch it?

Written by and starring Mae Martin, the show also features Friends actress Lisa Kudrow as Mae's powerful and charismatic mother Linda "who, despite living in Canada, still impacts Mae's life from afar".

Flack season 2


When is it on?

Flack series 2 will air in 2020 on W channel (BT channel number 311 / 383 HD) in the UK. A start date has not been confirmed.

What’s it about?

Flack follows showbiz publicity guru Robyn (Anna Paquin) in the high-stakes world of celebrity PR in London.

Why watch it?

Daniel Dae Kim and Sam Neill join the cast for season 2, the latter cast as Duncan, who has a very complicated relationship with PR agency boss, Caroline (Sophie Okonedo).

We Hunt Together

we hunt together

When is it on?

We Hunt Together doesn't have a confirmed release date, but it will premiere on Alibi (BT channel 312 / 382 HD) and consist of six episodes.

What’s it about?

We Hunt Together follows two star-crossed killers who are on the loose with two dysfunctional detectives in hot pursuit.

Why watch it?

It's been written by Gaby Hull (Cheat) and stars Babou Ceesay (Dark Mon£y, National Treasure) and Eve Myles (Keeping Faith, Broadchurch), above, according to

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