Tidying Up with Marie Kondo to The Greatest Dancer: TV to inspire a New Year, New You in 2019

Don’t get stuck watching the same old repeats. Start the New Year in style with some TV shows to help you keep those pesky resolutions and inspire a few more.

The Christmas decorations are down, there’s nothing left in the Quality Street tin apart from a few blue coconuts and everyone is suddenly posting 'inspiring' messages from the gym.

New Year can be a bleak time of year. But it doesn’t have to be.

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If you’ve still not touched those running shoes you got for Christmas and if you don’t know where to begin with those resolutions to ‘do more’ in 2019, let these fantastic new TV shows inspire, motivate and broaden your horizons.

Settle down on your sofa, pick up that BT TV remote and let us ease you into a more thrilling, healthier, mind-blowing and surprising 2019.

Here are five 'New TV Shows' for a New Year, New You.

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Get happier with… Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Tidying Up on Netflix

Filling a Queer Eye-shaped hole in our lives, Marie Kondo is here to tidy up all that clutter in your front room, wave some fairy dust over your socks and pants draw and transform your life in surprising new ways with a little bit of ‘Tidying Up’.

The Tidying guru and author of the bestselling Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up visits a series of homes, from stressed out young parents to a recent widow, offering tips and tricks to transform their homes and, more importantly, their lives.

Tidying Up on Netflix

A show that is less about tidying up and more about examining what is really important in our lives, the continuing battle between work and home, and how our we can begin to address our personal stresses and strains and mental health by taking charge of all that clutter.

Watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo now on Netflix.

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Travel more with… Russell Howard and Mum: Globetrotters

Russell Howard and Mum

Most travel series leave you green with envy as cheery celebrities guide us around picturesque countryside, sweeping coastlines and the hustle and bustles of exciting cities on the other side of the globe.

But Russell Howard and Mum isn’t like most travel shows. Series two took the stand-up and his poor innocent mother (We should all be a bit more Ninette) around the cannabis hot spots of Portland, Oregon, a Mrs Globe pageant in Vegas and a Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp in LA.

There third series, Globetrotters, is coming soon to Comedy Central and we can expect even more outrageous and eccentric adventures, which should provide you with some original and unusual holiday ideas for 2019.

Comedy Central is available on BT TV channel 307/370 HD.

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Push your body more with… Ed Stafford: First Man Out

Ed Stafford: First Man Out

The survivalist is back on Discovery Channel with another series that is so extreme it makes Bear Grylls look like your nan pottering around the garden.

First Man Out features Ed taking on friends and rival survivalists in a race across some of the world’s most extreme and dangerous environments.

Pushing himself, and his co-stars, to the limit, the series examines how far we can really go as humans when we’re forced into a corner with only our hands, wits and some gross bugs for food. 

First Man Out starts on January 31 on Discovery Channel, BT TV 322/376 HD

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Expand your mind with… Mythbusters Jnr

Mythbusters Jnr

The classic series is back with presenter Adam Savage joined by a fresh-faced team of co-stars. But don’t be fooled into thinking that Mythbusters Jnr is a kids-only show.

This spin-off series is the same mind-blowing mix of wacky builds, incredible inventions, myth-smashing and tons and tons of duct tape.

Episode one sees the new young team digging out the duct tape to see if they can turn it into a parachute or tyre.

If you were put off science at school, Mythbusters is a reminder that testing your brain and problem-solving should be fun, not a chore.

Watch Mythbusters Jnr on Wednesday, January 16 at 8pm on Discovery Channel, BT TV 322/376 HD

Dance more with… The Greatest Dancer

The Greatest Dancer

The beauty of this new BBC One competition is that the auditions are open to anyone and the judges are the general public.
Dance technique and years of training will only get you so far, as you need to persuade public in the audience to switch on their lights for you. Tempt 75% to push the buzzer and you’re through to the next round and you might get to work with Dance Captains Matthew Morrison, Cheryl or Oti Mabuse.

The audience members are naturally more interested in passion and a powerful story than pirouettes or pointed toes, which means robot dancing is as likely to get a thumbs up as a ballerina.

It’s an inspiration to even the worst dad dancers to get up of their sofas at home and give it a go.

Catch up on The Greatest Dancer on BBC One on Saturday nights and BT TV via the BBC iPlayer app.

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