Hollywood Medium: Tyler Henry reveals 5 season three secrets

We spoke to E!’s celebrity psychic about which celebs he’ll be interviewing, shocking moments and which fallen pop idol he encounters.

Tyler Henry may be just 22 years old, but he’s the star of one of E!'s biggest shows Hollywood Medium and has used his psychic gifts to give vividly accurate readings to some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

And now he’s back for his third season. We spoke to Tyler on what makes this the most jaw-dropping Hollywood Medium season of all time.

A heart-wrenching reading to Kristin Cavallari

kristin cavillari

When Tyler gives a reading to The Hills and fashion designer Kristin Cavallari, he gets through to her late brother and reveals some startling personal information that even Kristin didn’t know:

“It was a very special reading - her brother came through. I didn’t know this, but her family was actually watching the reading at the back. As I was reading her, I kept on seeing a reference to licence plates and a wall of licence plates.

"Kristen didn’t know what it meant but her dad did. Her parents had a licence plate made with their son’s birthday and death day on it. It was a really special memory and it really validated the reading for Kristin,” Tyler explained.

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A more confident, animated Tyler

Tyler can come across as a bit of a shy guy, but he says we’ll see a more confident side to him in the upcoming series:

“This season you will a lot more of me taking risks and being a lot more confident. There is even a portion of the show where I actually get up with a client and start doing a very specific dance. I didn’t say anything; I just started dancing! To the client this made total sense - it was something that her grandmother had done.

"This season is a lot more visual and a lot more different types of messages that come through.”

More glimpses into Tyler’s personal life


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While Tyler says we won’t get to meet his boyfriend just yet, we will see more of his mum and even get to meet his dad, who hasn’t been on the show at all as of yet:

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“You will see my mum on the show again. You will see more interaction with her and more of her horrible driving! And I do hope to have my dad on the show in the new season at some point too - he is a big part of my life as well.”

A chance to set the naysayers straight


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Of course as with any medium or psychic, there are plenty of naysayers and non-believers out there who are too quick to judge. But Tyler says he hopes the continual accuracy - shown particularly in the new episodes - will put sceptics' minds at ease:

"It’s really important to differentiate between being sceptical and cynical. I think the people who see and experience these things for themselves know that the information is so specific and personal that it is accurate. It can range from childhood memories to details and things that know they have never discussed or can’t be researched.

As a medium reading people in the public eye it really is my job to read information from my clients that isn’t out there publicly and really tap into those private details. That’s what I do on the show, you will see more of it on the show and that’s that!" Tyler said.

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A conversation with the King of Pop

michael jackson

In what is projected to be the most shocking moment in the history of Hollywood Medium, Tyler will receive specific messages from the late Michael Jackson while giving a reading to his sister La Toya Jackson.

While Tyler wasn’t able to reveal everything, he did tell us these specifics:

“As Michael did come through, he came across very privately, very normally, which was very surprising. He was just like any brother wanting to connect with his sister.

"La Toya came to the reading with a very specific question about Michael’s passing and when he came through we were able to clarify the chronology of how his passing went down and what led up to it. This really helped her understand how his passing happened.”

Hollywood Medium continues on Tuesdays at 9pm on E!.

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