5 reasons why your kids will love Cars 3

This Disney Pixar smash hit is great for the whole family

The Cars franchise has been an international phenomenon. Attracting an A List rota of voice actors, amassing hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office and inspiring one of Disney’s most popular theme park rides – Cars has been one of Disney Pixar’s greatest success stories.

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But is the third movie any good? We certainly think so and here’s why we think your kids will also love it:

The star-studded gang is back

Long gone are the days when Disney animated movies were voiced by unknowns. Cars has always featured top bill actors and Cars 3 is no different with Owen Wilson, Bonnie Hunt and comedian Larry the Cable Guy all returning for the third instalment.

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Owen voices main character Lightning McQueen in Cars 3 who after years as a top winning race car is suddenly under threat by a slew of faster, more sleek cars on the race track. While Bonnie returns as Lightning’s loyal girlfriend who becomes frustrated at his plunge in confidence and encourages him to still race. And Larry naturally provides plenty of comic relief throughout the movie as the hilarious Mater the towing truck.

There are some great new characters

The new cars on the scene, that threaten to force McQueen into a reluctant retirement, are voiced by some big-name stars. Armie Hammer voices Jackson Storm who is Lightning’s new protagonist. Storm is an ultra high-tech car who believes he has what it takes to change the face of racing forever. He mocks Lightning’s age and seems determined to overshadow his legendary status.

There’s also comedian Cristal Alonzo who voices Cars 3 breakout character Cruz Ramirez who McQueen trains for the track. Initially the underdog, she shocks everyone with her racing talent when she finally rallies.

It is action packed

It’s a Cars movie so you know it is going to be exciting action packed and naturally featuring some amazingly imaginative vehicles! If your kids are budding petrol heads they’ll love this aspect and even if not kids will surely be captivated by the fast paced yet also funny and thoughtful storyline.

It has an important message

It’s easy to assume that Cars 3 is just an opportunity to show off some amazing fantasy cars but the storyline actually revolves around a very important message. Lightning is getting on and is worried that his life is over now that new souped up and tech-innovated cars are ready to replace him.

But the movie teaches that happiness isn’t just about winning and success, greater things such as friends, family and a moral purpose are actually what make up life’s most memorable moments. Critics have praised Cars 3 in droves, particularly for its philosophical and important message.

What’s more the film also encourages inclusiveness, and celebrates a female presence in the often-male dominated world of motorsports. And this didn’t go unnoticed by critics, who widely cheered for its inclusivity.

There are some hidden Easter Eggs

If there are any aspiring animation professionals or film buffs in your family, they’ll likely love the fact that there are many hidden Pixar symbols and East Eggs in Cars 3. This includes Sterling’s office door bearing a sign that reads “A 113” which is a reoccurring nod in Pixar movies to a CalArts University classroom that was used by animation students – many of which have gone on to have successful careers in animation and indeed Pixar.

There’s even several hints to Disney Pixar’s upcoming movie Coco about the Day of the Dead by having several Mexican symbols – such as a Mexican guitar played in one scene and an image of the town where Coco is set in is projected onto the rally screen in another.

Cars 3 is available to buy and rent now on the BT TV Store.

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