Baptiste episode 1 review: Alleyways of Amsterdam, basements and a huge twist – 5 burning questions

The Missing’s Tchéky Karyo is back with another case to solve. The spinoff series from Harry and Jack Williams follows a dark story of sex trafficking, dark lies and mysterious characters.

One of the big mysteries about the BBC doing a spinoff from The Missing was why they needed to change the title of the show.

With the same lead character of Julien Baptiste (Tchéky Karyo) and the same premise – desperate person hunts for missing family member – it was slightly confusing why the decision was made not to trade on the show’s previous success and do The Missing series 3.

That decision finally became clear in the closing moments of the first episode as twist piled upon twist exposed the central storyline of 'missing girl Natalie' to be something quite different.

Julien Baptiste

Natalie isn’t missing and Tom Hollander’s Edward Stratton is most definitely not her uncle. Julien Baptiste has a much more complex and dangerous case to crack that involves menacing gangsters with bloodied pool balls, severed heads and girls locked in basements

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Here are five burning questions after episode 1 of Baptiste?

1. Why does Tom Hollander have the shell man’s head in his basement?


There are lots of questions for Edward Stratton to answer, most notably why does he have the head of the man we saw murdered at the start of the episode, collecting flies in his basement.

Poor old shell-enthusiast Richard (Woodeson) met a gruesome death at the hands of killer Constantin (Alex Secareanu) before the opening credits, but how does an old man from Deal, England fit in with the story in Amsterdam?

And if Natalie isn’t Edward’s niece – the story about the parents having a car crash immediately raised a red flag as sounding fishy – why is he so desperate to find her? Was any part of his family story that he told Baptiste true?

What was he planning to tell Baptiste if they did discover her and she revealed the truth about her relationship?

And what is the connection between Edward and Constantin?

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2. What did the dog dig up on the farm?


After discovering a small trinket earlier in the episode, did the Dutch farmer’s dog sniff out of a body under the soil?

There was clearly something shocking and alarming buried under the flowers, but we’ll have to wait at least a week to discover how it loops in with the other storylines.

3. Are Baptiste’s family in grave danger?


His wife is being bugged and Constantin showed off his sinister side during their brief meeting in a supermarket. It looks almost certain that the violent gangster will use the detective’s family and grandchild in some dastardly plan down the line. We can only hope that the master sleuth cracks the case before anything dreadful happens.

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4. Where is Natalie'Baptistes sister and who is numbering the basement girls?


Baptiste located Edward’s ‘niece’ Natalie at the end of the episode and although she didn’t look a picture of health, she wasn’t in any immediate danger.

Her sister, however, is locked in a dingy basement with a group of petrified girls who are being numbered and then selected by a man, via a video-call.

Who has these girls locked-up and what is happening to those who are picked out of the lineup?

5. Why is Martha Horchner hitting the bottle?


A former flame of Baptiste and one of the most senior police officers in Amsterdam, Martha (Barbara Sarafian) is not just struggling to deal with the underground gangs and sex trafficking going on in the Dutch capital. She’s also hitting the booze hard?

Has she got a reason to feel guilty or is she just regretful that it all went wrong with Baptiste?

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