Britain’s Got Talent viewers ‘sobbing’ after hearing retired police dog’s story

Finn was stabbed while defending his handler – but some viewers claimed it was just a sob story.

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Last updated: 27 April 2019 - 10.10pm

Britain’s Got Talent viewers were left “sobbing” by the story of Pc Dave Wardell and his retired police dog, who was stabbed saving his life.

Audience members were brought to tears as they heard how the service animal was stabbed with a 10-inch blade after he jumped between Mr Wardell and an offender wielding a knife.

Finn suffered stab wounds to the chest and head but did not let go until reinforcements arrived.

Many fans watching from home could also not help but become emotional.

“IM SOBBING MY WHOLE HEART OUT,” wrote one while another admitted to being in “total tears”.

A third only narrowly avoided bursting into tears.

Another suggested it was nearly impossible not to be moved by the act.

Many took to Twitter to question why none of the judges had pressed the golden buzzer for Finn, giving him a guaranteed spot in the live round.

“Fuming no one pressed the golden buzzer there,” said one.

“How has Finn not got the golden buzzer?” asked another.

The duo landed four yes votes as they appeared on the talent show to perform an act in which Finn relayed words chosen by the judges to his handler.

But some viewers became suspicious of the animal’s “sob story”, questioning whether it had been exaggerated for dramatic effect.

One asked: “Finn is gorgeous yeah but why did we need that sob story?”

Another added: “This Finn act is just a glorified sob story? Yes we all love dogs but this isn’t really an impressive act?”

Britain’s Got Talent continues on ITV.

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