Britain’s Got Talent semi-final: Who got through? The Haunting, Amanda Holden swearing - 5 shocking moments

The live shows start with a mix of the supernatural and the silly, including a moment that one judge will never forget.

The Britain's Got Talent semi-finals are always a week of live TV filled with incident. From crying children and Amanda Holden’s revealing dresses to dodgy dog acts and ropy magicians, Ofcom complaints often come flooding in.

Ant and Dec kicked off the 2019 live shows on Monday with the usual hotchpotch of the sublime and the terrible, which had the judges shaking their heads, giving standing ovations and in the case of Amanda Holden, screaming the F-word at 8.20pm on a Bank Holiday Monday. Oops.

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Here were the five most shocking moments from the first semi-final…

The Haunting turn the air blue

Amanda Holden with The Haunting on Britain's Got Talent

Supernatural illusionist Hannah, aka The Haunting, was a rare Britain’s Got Talent original. There was an element of old-fashioned magic in the act, but the essence of the act was more of a haunted house brought to life in a TV studio, rather than any old-fashioned playing cards or psychic trickery.

Taking Amanda Holden backstage for a meeting with spirits that have been haunting her, the act involved rocking chairs, nursery rhymes, smashed mirrors and concluded with the judge screaming the F-word at 8.20pm on a Bank Holiday Monday.

Ofcom will have a field day.

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Cute dog triumphs

Dave Wardell and Finn the dog on Britain's Got Talent

Britain's Got Talent and Simon Cowell always know that they can go back to the well for three types of acts to win over viewers.

Child singers. Anyone who has ever been involved in the armed forces. And probably, the easiest win of them all, cute dogs.

PC Dave Wardell and his retired German Shepherd Finn are the latest dog act to win over BGT viewers, largely down to an emotional backstory that involves the ex-police dog jumping in front of a knife-wielding attacker to save his handler.
Finn doesn’t stop crime anymore, instead, he does not very impressive magic tricks, which include PC Dave clearly shuffling the judges' answers around to make sure they match the dog's 'magical' predictions.

It's all very cute, but we’re not sure Finn has what it takes to take home the prize won by previous canine acts Pudsey and Matisse.

A Golden Buzzer act gets snubbed

Ant and Dec's Golden Buzzer act Akshat Singh on Britain's Got Talent

The Golden Buzzer often feels like a curse rather than a blessing, as viewers appear to consider it some sort of unfair advantage to the acts. Either that or the judges and Ant and Dec are just really bad at picking their Golden Buzzers choices.

Ant and Dec’s 2019 pick, dancer Akshat Singh, was also punished for having previous TV experience – he's doen Ellen in America and appeared on India’s Got Talent in the past.

No amount of energetic bod-popping could hide the fact there was a distinct ringer feel about his routine.

Alesha's Got Pregnant

Alesha Dixon reveals she's pregnant on Britain's Got Talent

Alesha Dixon has a strong track record in surprising the showbiz press with her pregnancies and could probably offer some less publicity-shy celebs tips on keeping their private lives, well, private.

The news about her second child with Azuka Ononye was announced by Ant and Dec, who casually mentioned the news in their opening song and dance routine.

Britain's Not Got Much Talent?

Tony Rudd on Britain's Got Talent

Possibly the most shocking part of episode 1 was the distinct averageness of the acts in the opening episode. The Monday show is usually heavy-loaded with the best acts to hook viewers for the week.#

But if tired impressionist Tony Rudd, beige singer Brian Gilligan and so-so dance troupe Khronos Girls are the best we’ve got, this could be a long week of TV.

Who got through to the final?

PC Dave Wardell and retired police dog Finn won the most votes and Flakefleet Primary School got the second spot, getting three votes from the judges in the results show.

The Haunting missed out in the final vote, but could be a contender for a Wildcard spot in the final.

Britain's Got Talent Live Semi-Finals air Monday 27 May to Friday 31 May at 7.30pm on ITV followed by the Live Results show each night at 9.30pm.

Britain's Got More Talent also goes live each night on ITV2 at 10pm.

The Live Final airs on ITV on Sunday June 3 at 7.30pm, followed by BGMT on ITV2.

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