Catch-22 on Channel 4: When does it start? Who is in the cast? Everything you need to know about the George Clooney adaptation

Here’s all you need to know about one of 2019’s most exciting adaptations as Joseph Heller's classic novel gets the George Clooney treatment.

It might not be the broadcaster that first springs to mind when you think of literary adaptations, but Channel 4 has an ace up its sleeve for 2019 with Catch-22.

Not only is Joseph Heller’s celebrated satirical novel being made into a much-anticipated series, but it’s also featuring Hollywood star George Clooney.

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Find out all you need to know about when it’s on, who’s in the cast, and what happens.

When is Catch-22 on TV?

As yet, there’s no confirmed air date for Catch-22, although we do know that it’s already been filming.

The novel will be split into a six-part series and is due to air on Channel 4 later in 2019.

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Who does it star?

George Clooney is the big draw here – the Ocean’s Eleven star is executive producing, directing and starring in the series. He plays terrifying military boss Scheisskopf and can be seen in uniform in the first-look images.

The Sinner actor Christopher Abbott stars as hero Yossarian, Kyle Chandler (Bloodline) is Colonel Cathcart, and House star Hugh Laurie features as Major de Coverley.

Giancarlo Giannini (Quantum of Solace) plays Marcello, Daniel David Stewart is Milo, Rafi Gavron (A Star is Born) is Aarfy, Austin Stowell (Bridge of Spies) plays Nately, and Graham Patrick Martin (Major Crimes) is Orr.

The cast also includes Gerran Howell (Emerald City) as Kind Sampson, Jon Rudnitsky (Saturday Night Live) as McWatt, Kevin J O’Connor as Korn, Pico Alexander as Clevinger, Tessa Ferrer (Grey’s Anatomy) as Nurse Duckett, Lewis Pullman as Major Major, Josh Bolt (Benidorm) as Dunbar, Jay Paulson as Chaplain, and Julie Ann Emery (Preacher) as Marion.

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What happens in Catch-22?

Yossarian is a US Air Force bombardier in World War II, who is quite reasonably furious that so many people he has never met want to kill him.

He wants out of the war, but his biggest problem is his own military, which keeps increasing the number of missions a man must fly to complete their service and be sent back home.

So, how to get out of the battle before it kills him? If Yossarian tries to avoid any of his missions, he’ll be in violation of the ridiculous Catch-22 – a sinister bureaucratic rule stating that wanting to avoid the real danger of war is the process of a rational mind.

If a man continues flying missions he is considered to be insane to be so reckless with his life, but requesting to be removed from duty would show his sanity and make him ineligible to be stood down.

The story follows Yossarian and his fellow bombardiers’ varying degrees of sanity and panic as they fight under a brutal regime as harsh as anything the enemy can throw at them.

Catch-22 will air on Channel 4 in 2019.

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