Catchpoint: Who is the presenter? What are the rules? Everything you need to know

Brains take on balls in the BBC's brand new Saturday night game show.

We all love a good gameshow, and BBC One has hit on a new concept that’s sure to have viewers on the edge of their seats.

Catchpoint combines mental and physical agility in an exciting contest – read on for all you need to know about the series.

When is Catchpoint on TV?

The brand new series begins on Saturday, March 23 at 6.50pm on BBC One.

Who is the presenter?

Catchpoint is in the capable hands of Paddy McGuinness, the comedian known for hosting dating show Take Me Out and starring in Peter Kaye sitcom Phoenix Nights.

If you’re hoping for some of Paddy’s jokes and humour to shine through, you’re in luck – he said: “I like any show where I can be a bit looser, where I have free rein to wander about and chat and go off-piste.

“So when this came in and I had a look at it and had a chat with the makers, I thought yes, I could actually just have a bit of fun, chatting to people. And it’s not just me stood behind a podium with a set of questions.”

Paddy shared what his favourite gameshow of all time is: “When I was a kid, I used to love watching Larry Grayson do the Generation Game because my mum really liked it and I’d sit with my mum and she’d be laughing and I’d be laughing.

“There have probably been better gameshows over the years but it’s all about where you were in your life when you were watching it.”

How does it work?

As Paddy explains, the concept is pretty simple – “It’s just answering questions and catching balls”.

Contestants take part in pairs, and for each question there are 10 possible answers on big screens in the catch zone with balls hidden behind them.

When a contestant chooses their answer, they must stand where they think the ball for the correct answer will drop from and they need to catch the ball to win the money.

By the end of the show, the couple with the most money will go through to the final and be in with a chance of winning the top cash prize.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, Paddy explained that despite the straightforward concept, the studio got pretty chaotic with balls flying everywhere, and making a catch was tougher than he thought…

“The first time I did it I walked on set giving it Charlie Big Time. I went, ‘Yeah, go on, let one go’ and I just totally missed it. That was a good start and was when I realised it’s more difficult than it looks.

“We had some really good catches and some shocking ones. I must admit, it’s one of those shows, even when I’m stood in the studio, when you watch them catch the balls, you think it looks very simple.

“I’ve tried it myself and when you’re stood underneath the little trap doors, where all the balls come out and there are other little balls coming down at the same time, you realise it is more difficult.”

Catchpoint begins on Saturday, March 23 at 6.50pm on BBC One.

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