Clooney: I was waiting for ‘switch to turn off’ after motorcycle accident

The actor collided with a car in Sardinia in 2018.

Press Association
Last updated: 22 May 2019 - 8.20pm

George Clooney has said he was waiting for the “switch to turn off” after his motorcycle accident last year.

The Hollywood star, 58, was taken to hospital after he collided with a car in Sardinia, where he was shooting his TV adaptation of Catch-22.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: “It was bad. I hit him at 70mph or so.

“Split my helmet in half.”

“It knocked me out of my shoes,” he added.

“It hit hard.”

Clooney went on: “I was just waiting for the switch to turn off because I broke his windshield with my head and I thought, OK, well that’s my neck.”

The actor was back at work four days after the collision.

But he said he has now sworn off motorcycles.

“If you get nine lives, I got all of them used up in one,” he said.

“So I can let go of motorcycle riding for a while.”

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