Collateral: Meet the cast – who’s who in Carey Mulligan’s BBC Two thriller

Billie Piper, John Simm, Nicola Walker and Kim Mefcalf star in the state of the nation drama series.

Collateral is BBC Two’s new gripping police drama from Oscar-nominee David Hare, the writer of The Hours and The Reader.

The story of a young man shot dead while delivering pizzas in South London, this taut four-part drama series features an all-star cast. Here’s a quick guide to the key characters and the actors playing them.

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DI Kip Glaspie - Carey Mulligan

Kip Glaspie - Carey Mulligan

Carey on Kip: “Kip is practical, and she is ambitious. She is very decisive and doesn’t feel the need to air her views or ideas to lots of people. She keeps her own counsel, as she believes that she works best alone, even if that may not necessarily be the case.

She has a sort of struggle between wanting a classic, domestic scene at home and being a mother but also wanting to rise within her work and be treated the same way as the men, with respect. Kip is very good under pressure and she likes being in charge, which is really fun to play.

"We actually made a rule at the beginning that Kip wasn’t going to cry because she is not that kind of girl. Maybe when she gets home after the final scene she may have a moment to herself but you are not going to see it, she is not going to cry in front of us. I loved that as there were definitely a couple of moments where it could have happened but we just said no, that isn’t in her. That is just not how she is made up, she is not emotional in that way. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t feel things and isn’t deeply connected to the people she is working with and those she is trying to help, she is just not a crier. And she doesn’t whinge about being pregnant which I love."

Carey is an Oscar-nominated star, whose films included An Education, Never Let Me Go, Drive and Shame

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David Mars - John Simm

Collateral - John Simm

John on David: “I think David Mars is essentially a good man. He’s a somewhat frustrated but hard-working member of the shadow cabinet, and even though he despairs at the state of the Labour Party and many of its policies, he’s a loyal constituency MP. He’s not afraid to be outspoken and on more than one occasion he finds himself in hot water with the party leader because of that.

“I think he’s a man of principle and loyalty, while at the same time being a little shambolic. His private life is complicated of course - he risks his job by helping out his old friend Jane (Nicola Walker), a local vicar whose lover (who just so happens to be in the country illegally) was the sole witness to the murder. On top of this, David’s ex-wife Karen, with whom he has a daughter, is the last person to see the victim alive. The murder also happens in David’s constituency, so he inevitably gets dragged into the drama.

“The relationship between David and Karen was an interesting one to explore; they’re very ill-matched (hence the divorce) and it was an extremely short marriage, but they are forced to interact because of the shared responsibility of their daughter. David’s written some pretty fiery scenes for them which were great fun to shoot.”

John Simm is the Bafta nominated star of hit dramas such as Doctor Who, The Lakes, State of Play and Life on Mars. He is also currently starring in ITV’s Trauma.

His films include Human Traffic and 24 Hour Party People.

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Jane Oliver - Nicola Walker


Nicola on Jane: “I've never played a vicar before so that alone was quite an interesting challenge. To be asked to play someone who has true, solid religious faith and then to find that she is someone who has to navigate the world we are living in now with that faith, and is also incredibly forward thinking and liberal, was really fascinating to me.

"Jane is incredibly good at her job, she is committed to her community and she is a doer. She isn’t just a figurehead in the church, she actively makes a difference. She is also not interested in being humble because she is aware that there are things needing to be done and that she is the one who can get them done.

"She takes you into this complicated area of the church’s role, both socially and politically. She's always pushing the boundaries of this institution that she has fought her way into and she does that with varying degrees of success. She thinks she can change it from within but it doesn’t always work."

Karen Mars - Billie Piper

Billie Piper - Collateral

Billie on Karen: “I liked that Karen was a complex woman, I always find that the most appealing thing in a script. She has obviously lived a difficult life and has been damaged by her past. She has lived with addiction and a devotion to a man who didn’t love her and, unsurprisingly, she isn’t a particularly nurturing mother. It is Karen who kick-starts this entire story; she gets it all rolling and she is such a great character - a woman of many faces who is beautifully written."

Billie Piper was a British teen pop sensation, who swapped the charts for the screen with roles in Doctor Who, Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Penny Dreadful.

Captain Sandrine Shaw - Jeany Spark

Jenny Spark in Collateral

You’ll recognise Jenny from her roles in Wallander, the BBC adaptation of Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Sherlock episode The Great Game and The National Anthem episode of Black Mirror.

Mikey Gowans - Brian Vernel

Mikey Gowans in Collateral

Mikey was the pizza delivery boy, who was supposed to be taking the delivery on the night Abdullah gets killed. He’s got secrets of his own, which is he trying to hide and is shaken by his co-worker’s murder.

Brian has starred in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as Bala-Tik, The Last Kingdom, Doctor Who, The Missing and Grantchester.

DSU Jack Haley - Ben Miles

Ben Miles in Collateral

Ben Miles is best known for his roles in classic British sitcom Coupling and more recently Netfix epic The Crown as Peter Townsend.

DS Nathan Bilk - Nathaniel Martello-White

Nathaniel Martello-White

The actor and writer’s TV credits include Doctors, Party Animals, Mongrels, Law & Order: UK, Death in Paradise and Horrible Histories.

Laurie Stone - Hayley Squires

Laurie Stone is the pizza shop manager, who swaps the deliveries over at the last minute, which costs Abdullah is his life.

Hayley Squires is best known for starring in I, Daniel Blake, Call the Midwife, Southcliffe and A Royal Night Out.

Linh Xuan Huy - Kae Alexander

Linh in Collateral

Linh is the one witness to the murder, but is on drugs when the attack happens.

Kae has previously starred in Hard Sun, One of Us, Game of Thrones as Leaf and W1A.

Suki Vincent - Kim Medcalf

Collateral’s cross between Laura Kuenssberg and Susanna Reid, Suki is a breakfast news presenter who is in a relationship with David Mars.

She’s played by Kim Medcalf, who is best known for playing Sam Mitchell in EastEnders.

Abdullah Asif - Sam Otto

Abdullah is a Syrian refugee and the victim at the centre of Collateral.

He’s previously starred in Channel 4’s The State and BBC adaptation The Boy With The Topknot.

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