Bumps, blades and headbangers: Dancing on Ice's most shocking accidents and injuries

Remind yourself why the celebrity skating contest is one of the most dangerous shows on TV with this catalogue of calamities.

It may sound like it’s going to be all glittery outfits, fake tans and graceful moves, but don’t be fooled – Dancing on Ice is one of the most perilous TV competitions a celebrity can sign up to.

A number of stars never even made it to the first show thanks to their training rink mishaps, but even appearing on live episodes is no guarantee of safety, as these Dancing on Ice alumni would tell you.

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Cast your mind back over some of these Dancing on Ice accidents that were tough to watch.

Jennifer Ellison

Any fan of the show will tell you that one of the most shocking accidents ever aired was when actress Jennifer Ellison sliced open her own head with a skating blade.

The contestant in the 2012 series was a victim of her own flexibility when she kicked her leg up so far behind her that she managed to reach the back of her head with her skate.

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Jennifer bravely skated on, but had to be rushed from the ice with blood pouring from her scalp to be treated by paramedics.

Jorgie Porter and Matt Evers

Hollyoaks star Jorgie Porter managed a similar stumble  - except it was her partner who was on the receiving end of the injury.

The pro skaters take their lives in their hands when they agree to teach daring moves to the celebrity novices, and Matt Evers found this out the hard way.

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During rehearsals, they were tackling a tricky move when Jorgie’s foot slipped and her blade cut Matt’s face, leaving him covered in blood and in need of stitches. He did still manage to make the live show, though, which was fortunately accident-free.

Singer Sinitta was another contestant to discover just how sharp those blades are, but luckily she only ended up slicing a huge tear in her partner’s trousers during a bungled lift, and left his skin intact.

David Seaman and Pam O’Connor

The ex-England goalkeeper's time on the show may be best remembered for introducing him to pro skater - now his wife - Frankie Poultney, but David’s competition partner Pam O’Connor probably has less fond memories of him.

Despite being nicknamed Safe Hands during his football career, he was anything but on the ice, regularly slipping and fumbling lifts.

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But the worst accident came as they rehearsed the notoriously dangerous 'headbanger', which involves spinning the female skater around by her ankles with her face inches from the ice.

Unfortunately for Pam O’Connor, David chose that exact moment to lose his grip and dropped her face first onto her chin, leaving her needing stitches.

Keith Chegwin

The late Keith Chegwin was one of the unlucky celebrities who had such a bad accident in training that he didn't even make it to the first live show.

Poor old Cheggers lasted just one day on the ice in 2012, during which he fell and broke his shoulder and three ribs.

Ever the good sport, he returned for another crack at skating glory in 2013, and made it to week seven.

Vanilla Ice

Another training-rink tumbler was rapper Vanilla Ice, who ended up needing hospital treatment after a nasty fall in 2011.

He slipped and bashed his eye on the rink, causing a wound bad enough to need stitches and treatment for concussion.

Gareth Thomas

It might not have been a spectacular injury in terms of falls, cuts, or broken bones, but Gareth Thomas’s issue was so bad that it ruled him out of the contest halfway through the semi-final itself.

Gareth’s problem was above the ice rather than on it - the former Wales captain got severe motion sickness from a routine that involved heavy use of the flying cables that propel skaters through the air above the rink.

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The sportsman had been vomiting all week after rehearsing the flying section, but when it got so bad that he couldn’t actually remember having done a trial run on the day of the semi-final, doctors ordered him to drop out of the competition mid-way through the live show.

Monty Panesar

This year’s first ice casualty was cricketer Monty Panesar, who looked well up for the challenge when he was announced as one of the stars taking part in the comeback series.

But sadly for Monty, winning the trophy was not to be, as he fell during pre-series rehearsals and broke his ankle.

He hobbled away from the competition to be replaced by the reserve celebrity, singer Lemar.

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Dancing on Ice continues on Sundays on ITV.

Photo Credit: Rex/Shutterstock/Ken McKay


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