Early exits and no-show celebs - 7 times it didn’t go to plan for Dancing on Ice

Even the best-laid plans can go awry with reality TV, especially when ice and novice celebrity skaters are thrown into the mix.

Planning a programme as huge as Dancing on Ice is never going to be easy – months of preparation will go into casting the perfect celebrities, matching them with suitable partners and working out who the judges should be.

But no matter how many painstaking meetings, plans and rehearsals go into live TV, you can never really predict what will happen.

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Add in the extra element of the show taking place on ice, and the possibilities for chaos are endless.

Pamela Anderson’s early exit

Dancing on Ice producers must have been rubbing their hands with glee when they signed global star Pammy up in 2013.

But the delight was short-lived as their star contestant ended up being voted out first, no doubt drawing a huge fee for minimal work (which is something Noel Edmonds should be able to relate to after I’m a Celeb).

She didn’t go quietly, though, as one of the actress’s boobs managed to break free from her skimpy costume in the skate off.

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Todd Carty goes rogue

The most memorable Dancing on Ice moment of all time came courtesy of former EastEnder Todd Carty in 2009.

He’s also pretty much universally acknowledged as the worst skater ever to have taken part in the show, but took it all on the chin and provided us with plenty of laughs each week.

Todd’s high point came when he lost control of his skates during one routine and careered off the ice into the backstage area, before being turned around and pushed back on.

It may not have been planned in the choreography, but it certainly stuck in people’s minds more than his usual stumbling routines.

Jorgie Porter won’t stick to the script

It’s an unwritten rule of celebrity TV contests that whichever pro the star gets matched with, they’re both supposed to embrace the pairing with enthusiasm.

However, when Hollyoaks star Jorgie Porter returned for the 2014 All Stars series and was matched with Sylvain Longchambon, she made sure the moment was as uncomfortable as possible for him.

Pro skater Sylvain had dumped Jorgie’s Hollyoaks pal Jennifer Metcalfe, his former skating partner, for Coronation Street’s Samia Ghadie who he skated with in another series, and Jorgie would not let him forget it.

He was shown squirming as she asked: “Is he going to be my boyfriend now?”

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Jennifer Ellison cuts her own head

There are some tricky, risky moves involved in pulling off a perfect Dancing on Ice routine.

Jumps, lifts, even the infamous headbanger – they all require nerves of steel and draw gasps and applause from the audience in equal measure.

Viewers must have thought they were watching a relatively safe moment when Jennifer Ellison kicked her leg upwards and arched her neck back to create a graceful silhouette.

But poor Jennifer overdid the stretch and ended up leaning so far in both directions that she kicked herself in the forehead, slicing the skin open with her own blade.

Leaving a trail of blood on the ice, Jennifer had to be rushed off for emergency medical treatment as soon as their routine ended.

Monty Panesar’s big break

Dancing on Ice made its comeback in 2018 with an excited cast of stars eager to get started on brushing up their skating skills.

But we hadn’t even reached Christmas 2017 before one of the celebs announced that they would have to drop out.

Cricketer Monty Panesar had already got cracking with his training, but was hit by one of the biggest risks of the show when he broke his ankle in training.

Never even getting one shot at a live show, he was replaced by singer Lemar who must have been thrilled to find out he was being promoted from back-up contestant.

Gareth Thomas goes down to the wire

In possibly the only occasion we can remember when a contestant couldn’t even begin a reality show routine, Gareth Thomas left host Phillip Schofield in a bit of a bind when he dropped out at the last possible minute.

The rugby player was making a bid for 2013’s final by taking on the much-feared flying wire in his semi-final routine, but had suffered from motion sickness throughout rehearsals.

Just moments before he was due on the ice, Gareth made the very sensible decision to pull out rather than vomit all over the rink on live TV.

However, as the last act due on, it left the show with minutes to fill at short notice – cue the other celebs, who had suddenly been made finalists by Gareth’s no-show, aimlessly skating and waving to pad it out.

Sebastien Foucan breaks down

The free runner may have had viewers scratching their heads as to who exactly he was in 2012’s series, but he did look like a promising skater.

Unfortunately for Sebastian, he fell foul of a new rule change which saw the bottom three celebrities challenged to skate a skills performance on their own in a bid to be saved.

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Sebastien started out strongly, but midway through the skills routine forgot the rest of his steps and was left turning in circles as the pro skaters frantically tried to call out prompts.

Hearts broke as a disappointed Sebastien began to cry after his skate, and the judging panel cried right back at him as the emotion became too much for everyone.

Obviously, he was voted out but luckily Dancing on Ice have since dropped the solo skate off, with Robin Cousins rightly pointing out to Sebastiae that amateur skaters just don’t have the experience to be able to fill in the gaps if their memories fail them.

Dancing on Ice returns in January 2019 to ITV.

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