Fear the Walking Dead series 2: Gale Anne Hurd breaks down episode one - Monster

Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd talks exclusively to BT.com about what went down in the first episode of the new series.

Have you caught your breath yet? The thrilling first episode of Fear the Walking Dead series two was a nail-biting, thrill ride as the survivors hit choppy waters and made one major worrying discovery - the infected float!

Fear the Walking Dead executive producer Gale Anne Hurd spoke exclusively to BT.com about what went down in the premiere episode Monster and teased what might be in store for the rest of the second series.

Hit play below for an exclusive review of Monster from Gale Anne Hurd:



It was a thrilling start to the episode and a brutal end for one of the infected in the boat's propellor – was it important series two started with a bang?

Madison in Fear the Walking Dead

The difference between the first five episodes of the first season was that the world was still collapsing around us. They were at home, but the home was surrounded by the military. They had some experience of the apocalypse, but they didn’t know yet what was happening in the rest of the world.

When we pick up in season two, there are zombies everywhere, Los Angeles is on fire, being bombed by the government and they need to get away. The minute there is any sort of noise, the minute there is fresh meat so to speak, they are going to be surrounded.

We started with the fact that the zombies have taken over. There are already starting to be more infected than surviving humans. They are not going to stop at the water’s edge. If they see living humans they are going to follow them into the water. There are only so many ways you can dispose of the the infected and one way we thought would be really interesting for Greg Nicotero and his team would be to meet the propeller of the boat.



There are some unlikely bonds forming – Nick and Strand, Chris and Daniel – are these going to be the key cause of frictions for the series?

One of the themes of season two is blood versus bond. Even if you have a family, is that bond going to be stronger than an affinity with someone who seems to be like-minded and perhaps even easier to get along with than your family. You have to make life choices that might lead to death or becoming an infected or survival.

There will be choices made this season that some of them will regret and some of which, we’ll wonder if they’ll be able to survive. There will be new characters we’ll be meeting, but not necessarily with good intentions.

Lorenzo James Henrie

Chris was already an angry teenager in series one. With the death of his mum, he looks close to the edge – is his behaviour one of the biggest dangers for the group?

The character of Chris is someone who has struggled to fit in. Like many teenagers he struggled to accept a fractured family. And now he’s lost his mother. His mother was really his lifeline and now she’s gone to the hands of his father. His anger is something that is getting to the boiling point. Once it boils over, I don’t think anyone wants to get in the way.

Alicia’s contact with another boat may have placed them in danger – would they be better off and safer following Strand’s strict ‘Rules of the Boat’?

Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam-Carey in Fear the Walking Dead

One of the things that the zombie apocalypse examines is ‘who are you?’ and ‘who do you trust?’ But also, ‘can you save other people?’ If you do save someone else does that put you at risk and that’s a very delicate tightrope to walk.

We see them turning away refugees and that resonates with what’s going on in the world today with refugees leaving violent places – that’s the kind of place these people are leaving as well. And when Los Angeles has been burned, they have no place to go back to as well.

For Alicia, that’s a tough decision. They have the means and a safe harbour and they should take as many people as they can. The Strand’s position is that they have barely enough. They don’t have that many supplies. They can only catch so much fish. Plus, you don’t know what someone else may be like. They may appear to be trustworthy, but we don’t know them really.

The scenes with Nick under water looked amazing – how tricky were they to film?

Gale Anne Hurd

The good news was that I had a lot of experience shooting underwater from the film The Abyss. The big challenge though was the water was so cold. In Fahrenheit it was about 55 degrees. It was hard to keep the cast in the water so long without their teeth chattering.

It was also hard to create the underwater infected with the make-up that would sustain itself in the salt water – because we used a salt water tank - for hours and hours of filming.

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