How do I apply for The Chase? All you need to know to apply to the ITV quiz show

Fancy trying your hand against The Beast or The Governess? Here’s what you need to know.

The Chase has featured some memorable contestants over the eight years since the first show was broadcast in June 2009 on ITV, but just how can you apply for a place on the show?

The format of The Chase sees contestants go up against a 'Chaser', who is a professional quizzer. There is currently a team of five Chasers: Mark Labbett, Ann Hegerty, Jenny Ryan, Paul Sinha, Shaun Wallace.

How do I apply for The Chase?

You can apply for The Chase by registering to complete an online application form.

The form can be found here: You can also download the application form from the same page.

Can anyone apply for The Chase?

No. Applicants must be 18 years and over and a legal resident of - and currently living in - the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man.

Other eligibility factors when applying to be on The Chase

For a list of factors which might render your application ineligible please see the application website. However, your application will be ineligible if you have previously been employed by, are a partner or relative of someone who has been employed by, or are in any way professionally associated with The Chase, ITV or any of the ITV group of companies during the past 10 years.

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