I'm a Celebrity 2017 line-up: Who is going into the jungle?

We round up the names you need to know who will be heading into camp for the show's launch.

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! returned to ITV with presenters Ant and Dec and one of its most dramatic opening weeks ever, including a dramatic sky-high challenge, controversial late entrants and a shock early exit through the back door.

Footballer Dennis Wise, YouTube star Jack Maynard, Saturdays pop singer Vanessa White, Made In Chelsea's Georgia Toffolo and soap star Jamie Lomas were among the starting lineup.

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Boris Johnson's dad Stanley Johnson, Coronation Street actress Jennie McApline, comedian Shappi Khorsandi, boxer Amir Khan and Jamie Vardy's wife Rebekah are also competing in the jungle.

Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt was crowned Queen of the Jungle and the I'm a Celebrity winner 2016. She will be returning to Australia this year to host the ITV2 spinoff show with former campmate Joel Dommett and jungle alumni Joe Swash.

When is the first celebrity voted off and who will it be?

The first elimination airs on Friday December 1st.

Amir Khan and Iain Lee have won immunity from the first public vote.

MSP Kezia Dugdale is the favourite to be voted off first with odds of 6/4. Saturdays star Vanessa White, (3/1) comic Shappi Khorsandi (4/1) and Rebekah Vardy (6/1) could also be in danger.

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What is the latest news from the jungle

I'm a Celebrity 2017

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Who are the late arrivals?

Iain Lee - Who is he? All you need to know about the TV presenter and DJ

Iain Lee

Radio and TV presenter Iain Lee has landed in Australia and will be the last entrant in the 2017 series. Lee, who is best known for his work on Channel 4's The 11 O'Clock Show and is currently the presenter of The Late Night Alternative on talkRADIO.

He was in the headlines in 2015 when he was dropped by BBC Three Counties over a row he had a with a lawyer for Christian Concern.

Kezia Dugdale - Who is the MSP and I'm a Celeb contestant?

Kezia Dugdale

The MSP and former Scottish Labour Party leader has landed in Australia as a late entrant in the jungle.

Dugdale has been accused of "demeaning" politics by abandoning her constituents for a stint on the reality show this November, which could see her away from MSP duties for a month.

Labour's new leader in Scotland, Richard Leonard has said that they are considering whether to susped Dugdale for taking part in the ITV series.

Neil Findlay, a close ally of Richard Leonard told BBC’s Sunday Politics: ”I think it's utterly ludicrous, a ludicrous position. We have a situation where we're in the run up to the budget in Scotland, where local government is on its knees, where the NHS is showing pressures like never before, when people's living standards are falling and they expect their MPs, MSPs, councillors, elected representatives to be fighting on their behalf and I don't think people would expect them to jet off around the world and sit around the camp fire eating a kangaroo's appendage."

The first 10 celebrities for I'm a Celebrity 2017:

1. Stanley Johnson - Who is he? All you need to know

A surprising arrival in Australia for the new series is the father of foreign secretary Boris Johnson, Stanley.

The 77-year-old environmental expert is this year's oldest contestant and the former MEP and writer has been booked to bring some political discussion to the camp.

He said: “I have to tell you I have never watched the show. It’s all totally new to me, I know absolutely nothing about it but I’ve been told about it and obviously I am ready to give it a go. I don’t think I am dreading anything. I am looking forward to being with the fellow competitors, contestants. I say that because it is a competition isn’t it?"

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Stanley added of his expectations of jungle life: “I think one will have debates around the campfire."

But the former politician may have underestimated the show's reach as he said he does not expect his family, which also includes journalist Rachel Johnson, to notice he is on it. He said: “I don’t think they will find out unless they turn the telly on. They are all very busy. They will pick it up somewhere I suppose. They are so busy. If the Johnsons spent all their time watching other Johnsons on TV, they would have nothing else to do.”

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2. Dennis Wise - Who is he? All you need to know

The ex-England and Chelsea football star Dennis Wise has landed in Australia ahead of the new series of I'm a Celebrity. The sports star is an unexpected addition to the lineup.

He joins a list of footballers who have taken part in the show including Neil 'Razor' Ruddock, Kieron Dyer and Wayne Bridge.

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Dennis reckons his footballer friends will love to vote him into doing trials: "John Franco and Vinnie Jones – I am sure they will have some fun on this! They will probably vote for me to do the trials knowing them!”

But he added: “To win the Jungle? It would be lovely but I am not sure I am going to be the winner of this show. I’ve upset too many football supporters over the years. But maybe Chelsea fans will vote for me.”

3. Jack Maynard - Who is he? All you need to know - OUT (Walked)

The brother of popstar Conor Maynard has also arrived in Australia for the new series. The 22-year-old YouTube star and vlogger will bring the show a new younger audience.

Jack has more than one million subscribers to his YouTube channel and he's previously worked as a personal trainer.

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Explaining that he would prerecord some vlog updates before going in the jungle to keep his fans happy, Jack added that he wasn't looking for love.

He said: “Where I am in my life right now and all the work I am doing, getting into a relationship would be a poor decision. I am focused on me and growing myself as much as possible. A jungle fling? What happens in the jungle stays in the jungle, apart from all the people watching it. But to be in a place for such a long time with a group of people… Anything can happen…”

4. Amir Khan - Who is he? All you need to know

The former British boxing champion has been in the headlines for the wrong reasons this year due to his explosive personal life. ITV will be hoping that he brings some knockout excitement to the jungle and Amir says he is looking forward to a change of pace.

He said: “I’ve been in boxing for a long time and I’ve got a fight next year but I wanted to give this a go. It’s very different to boxing and obviously I am not going to be punched in the face whilst I do this! I am most looking forward to getting away from the world and from everything, not having a phone, spending time with myself and getting to know some new people. It will also be nice to be able to say to my children ‘I did that'."

5. Jennie McAlpine - Who is she? All you need to know

The popular soap star, who has played Coronation Street's Fiz Brown for over 15 years, has been tempted to take part by producers.

According to The Sun, Corrie have rescheduled her filming and current storyline so that she can head to Australia for a month.

Jennie admits the thing she is dreading the most is not rats or creepy crawlies - it's being separated from her son Albert.

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She said: “I had to really think about this because the biggest thing is leaving my little boy. Even the thought of it beforehand made me shudder. It’s going to be his third birthday whilst I am in the jungle and I spend all my time with him when I am not working on Corrie. Leaving Albert when I first go into the camp will be my trial… It really will.”

The actress continued: “I lost my Dad earlier this year and that was a big thing. But I knew he would have told me to do it. He always told me to do stuff and he always encouraged me. He kept saying ‘Give it a go to find out if you are good enough or not’. And so that was a big part of it.”

6. Jamie Lomas - Who is he? All you need to know

The Hollyoaks and EastEnders star has signed up for a stint in the jungle later this month.

He was previously married to Kim Marsh, is a father of two and is best known for playing soap bad boy Warren Fox, with his exit from Hollyoaks linked to I'm a Celebrity.

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Jamie said: “I have finished on Hollyoaks now. I had to make a decision - whether to sign or take the gamble. The gamble was I wanted to do this. And I felt it came at the right time. And it has paid off because I am doing it.

“I am going to really miss my children. That’s going to be so difficult. I only told them a few days before I went away but they do love the show and one of the reasons for doing this is to make them proud. They’ve only seen their Dad as a bad man on TV and so it will be nice for them to see me on this. We all really love the show as a family.”

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7. Vanessa White - Who is she? All you need to know

Mollie is taking part in Strictly, Frankie is hosting gameshow Canonball, so it falls on Vanessa White to fill the Saturdays' quota in the I'm a Celebrity jungle this year.

The tabloids claims that the singer is looking for love on the show after recently splitting from her long-term boyfriend, and Vanessa has said she is keeping her options open.

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She added: “I’d actually been thinking about going travelling and doing something on my own. I was going to go on a yoga retreat. I’d always wanted to do this show but I didn’t think it was going to be right now.”

Vanessa said of her bandmates: “I told the rest of the group just before I went to Australia. I kept it a secret for ages but I had to tell them in the end as I really wanted to. I just know they will vote for me to do the trials, as they will want to see me scream and shout.”

8. Georgia Toffolo - Who is she? All you need to know

The Made in Chelsea and Celebs Go Dating star has apparently been signed up to spice up the jungle, according to the tabloids.

She named Boris Johnson as her ideal campmate, so Toff may be pleased to learn that his dad Stanley will be joining her.

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Toff said she would miss speaking to her Granny the most and added: “Social media is so demanding. I am really excited I won’t have to do that and I am looking forward to not putting make-up on or having my hair done. I’ve been doing Made In Chelsea for four years now and everything is so fast paced. I am looking forward to being away from that.

"It’s the first time in four years I am missing the big finale, the classic skating around the Natural History Museum bit. But I am more excited about this adventure.”

9. Shappi Khorsandi - Who is she? All you need to know

The Iranian-born comic and author was the ninth celebrity to land in Australia for the new series.

Shappi's arrival might start fireworks with Stanley Johnson - the comedian has recently been attacking his son on Twitter for his diplomatic blunder with Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe.

Apart from missing her two children, Shappi knows what she will find the most difficult to live without: “I don’t know how I am going to cope without tea. I drink it all day. Tea is my life. I am okay with food and I’ve actually become a vegan over the last few months as I thought that would help me eat really simply in the Jungle. But I definitely didn’t wean myself off tea in the run-up. In fact it was the exact opposite. I drank stacks so I could build up a beautiful memory of drowning in tea before I went in. I had it so much because I wanted to have that memory to fantasise about.”

10. Rebekah 'Becky' Vardy - Who is she? All you need to know

Jamie Vardy's wife isn't known for biting her tongue and has even ended up in rows with serial Twitter grunter Piers Morgan in the past, so ITV will be expecting some fireworks.

She said it had been a tough decision to leave her four children: “It’s not the kind of thing you say ‘yes’ to straight away. I had to think for a while. I spoke to my kids and my eldest, Meghan, said, 'OMG mum you have to do it. I love that show and I really want you to do it. I will be so proud of you and if you don’t do it, I won’t speak to you again.’ Then when they found out they could come to Australia with me, they were so excited.

"After that, I couldn’t really turn around and say ‘no’! Jamie has been really supportive."

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Who would you like to see in the I’m a Celebrity jungle this year? Have your say in Comments below.

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