Innocent episode 2 review: Who killed Tara Collins?

We round up the suspects and burning questions after episode 2 of the gripping drama series.

Secrets and lies were exposed in the second episode of ITV’s gripping whodunnit Innocent.

More potential suspects were thrown into the ring for the murder of Tara Collins and the case against her husband David (Lee Ingleby), who just spent the last 7 years in prison for killing her, is growing flimsier by the ad break.

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Dodgy cops, family vendettas and affairs mean there are plenty of possible motives for Tara’s death, so we’ve rounded up the burning questions and key suspects after episode 2.

1. Why is Alice hiding anti-depressants in show boxes?

Hermione Norris

Alice's relationship with her sister was far from cosy and she’s been lying about her feelings for Tara over the last seven years.

The pair bickered, rowed and often didn’t speak for weeks and months. She was jealous of her sisters' family life, owed her over £20,000 for IVF and is hiding fluoxetine (Prozac) in shoe boxes at her house. She might still blame David for her sisters' death, but she’s definitely not telling the full truth about what went on with Tara.

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2. Why was DCI Beech covering up evidence?

He didn’t pursue the rows and rivalry between Alice and Tara and persuaded an elderly witness to lie about hearing a female scream at the Collins’ house. Was this just a copper bending the rules or did he have another reason to want David sent down for murder?

3. Can we believe anything Tom Wilson says?


He’s confessed to his affair with Tara and even revealed that he’s was the man who damaged her cheekbone – an injury previously attributed to David.

It looks like it was a one-sided affair with Tom only using Tara for sex and the thrill. But can we believe anything he says any more?

4. Who knows how to do a butterfly knot?


We’ve seen that Rob is handy with the ropes and we can presume that David and Phil know there way around the boats, but does the method used to dispose of Tara’s body eliminate other potential suspects. Alice might have been able to kill Tara in a moment of fury, but could she have been so cold and calculating as to dispose of her in this way?

5. What does Tom's ex-wife know?

She told Melissa to get an abortion and get away from Tom. She might not be fond of his new wife, but her advice was so drastic and serious, there must be something about Tom that she wouldn’t wish even on her worst enemy. Does she believe that he’s the real killer?

The key suspects

1. David Collins

Although the evidence is stacking up against everyone else, the twists and turns in this series mean that we can’t rule him out.
He seems to have DI Cathy Hudson on his side, but is she being naïve about the man with means, motive and blood on his coat?

2. Alice

Hermione Norris

The anger and resentment between the sisters was clear to see in text messages discovered by the police, which were ignored in the first case. She also owed her sister £20,000 for three rounds of private IVF treatment.

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3. Rob

Rob in Innocent

He seems too much of a gentle soul for murder, but the man knows how to do a mean butterfly knot. Could he have been pushed too far by Tara over the money for the IVF and rows with his wife?

4. DCI William Beech

There’s nothing to connect him to Tara and David, but his dodgy policing and methods show that he was determined to take down David Collins. Did he just want a result - or was there a larger conspiracy at play?

5. Tom Wilson


He was sleeping with Tara, he’s a liar, a cheat and can’t stop changing his story. He seems too obvious to be the murderer, but he’s a rotten egg.

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