Killing Eve star Sandra Oh: Who does she play and where have you seen her before?

The US star - best known for roles in medical drama Grey's Anatomy and the film Sideways - takes the lead in a new thriller for BBC One.

A slick new thriller is launching on BBC One, and the chances are you’ll recognise its lead star.

Sandra Oh plays the title role of Eve Polastri in Killing Eve, a cat-and-mouse chase between an ambitious MI5 officer and a conscience-free assassin.

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Find out more about Sandra, who she plays, and what she’s been in before.

Who is Sandra Oh in Killing Eve?

Sandra plays Eve Polastri, who was once desperate to make her mark as a spy but who has let her ambition fizzle out and become trapped in a desk job.

Despite her happy marriage to maths teacher Niko, who is completely averse to violence, Eve finds herself drawn to assassins and becomes obsessed with tracking them.

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So when the head of the Russia desk at MI6 offers Eve the chance to head up a secret assassin-hunting unit, it seems like all her dreams have come true.

However, Eve’s main target is the psychopathic contract killer Villanelle, and as the two women’s lives become intertwined, they both start to unravel.

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Who does she star with?

Sandra’s co-star in Killing Eve is Jodie Comer, who plays the ruthless assassin Villanelle.

Also appearing alongside her are Owen McDonnell as her husband Niko, David Haig as her colleague Bill, and Fiona Shaw as her MI6 boss Carolyn.

What is she best known for?

Viewers are likely to recognise Sandra from her long-running role in hit US drama series Grey’s Anatomy.

She played Dr Cristina Yang for nine years in the medical show, starring alongside Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey and Katherine Heigl.

Cristina was eventually written out of the series in 2014 when she went to Zurich to head up a hospital, and Sandra has won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of the character.

What else has she appeared in?

Since leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Sandra has appeared in the third series of American Crime, and also featured in another US series, S***ty Boyfriends.

Other work has included voicing characters in the animated sitcom American Dad!, and appearing in 2004 film Sideways.

Killing Eve begins on Saturday, September 15 at 9.15pm on BBC One.

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